B2B Revenue Acceleration
B2B Revenue Acceleration

Episode · 3 years ago

11: How Content Can Fuel Your Marketing Engine w/ Dagmar Moreside


What’s the point of all of the content companies are releasing every day?

Blogs, YouTube Videos, Podcasts, webinars, and more.

They all exist because content is fuel for your marketing engine.  If you release high quality content, this engine keeps you at the forefront of your customers’ minds and allows your salespeople to start conversations with prospects who are already very familiar with your work.

Dagmar Moreside is the head of partnerships at Payoneer, a FinTech organization that specializes in innovative cross-border payments.  Dagmar has been operating within the business development and marketing worlds for over 15 years.

She specializes in content marketing and go-to-market strategies within the healthcare, marketing, and tech spaces for enterprise-level and small businesses alike.

Dagmar joined us for this episode of B2B Revenue Acceleration to talk about the importance of aligning marketing and sales, and how content can fuel your marketing engine.

When your customers coming to you,having that conversation, they've, probably already done about sixtypercent of the work, so they already know that they either want to buy fromyou to have a conversation, you're listening to be to B RevenueAcceleration, a podcast dedicated helping software executives stay on thecutting edge of sales and marketing in their industry. Let's get into the show hi welcome to be to be a revenueacceleration. My name is Oam withy and I'm here today with Takmarmor side frompioneer. Are you doing today back Mo Wonderful Ordea, thanks very much forthe opportunity to speak to you and to everybody today? That's a pleasure!That's a pleasure! So, today, D Topeat, we want you to discuss with you. Dagmais really around aligning your content with your good to market strategy, butbefore we dive into the detailes before we stopp sharing best practices and allthat it will be fantastic. If you can shaw a little bit more about yourself,as well as your role within pioneer and what what the company does. So, it bevery useful to give us a little bit of packonuss to whe. You are what you doand we you walk for basically, yeah, absolutely no problem at all, so I'vebeen operating with an business development and marketing for overfifteen years. Now, that's both at a domestic level when I was workingCanada as well as internationally, and I focus on setting and executingbusiness strategy. I've been involved within the health care, space,marketing tech and technology working with enterprise clients primarily, butI've also had a lot of ixposure to the small and medium enterprises, and so Irecently found myself with an opportunity to join payaneer ither aFenteconi organization. It's essentially an innovative crossborderpayment company that helps businesses of all sizes, so whether ther bemerchants or large organizations like airbnb. It helps them all. Ov The worldhey and get paid. So it's pretty wonderful and we connect about sixdifferent verticals. So it's a great thing that I'm doing here and I'mworking as head a partnership basically to spread the word and to help thebusinesses in the ecosystem to row their business, develop theirgrotomarket strategy and primarily leveraging content excellent, excellentwhet. I SON THATS OS fantastic. I man Abe have to look at Pionean in a littlebit more detail myself because, as you know, we've got operation on both sidesof the Atlantic and B interesting to see how we could. Sometimes we struggleto Transformanis not as easy as as we would like to think T bt no problem. I know that part of your experities andyou know the conversation that you and I had in the Paston were youropportunity to meet your passion. Your expert is really around walking on thegood to markets. Trategy, particularly for vendor, were looking at growing andexpending okay. So we know that inbond marketing an and a strong contentstrategy is certainly key and Nids planning an alignment with your rolmarket strategy. Could you pleaseshow your sought on why this alignment is soimportant? Yeah? Well, I really noticed this from you know. Having worked inthe sales area, Ou know dealing with customers, but then also having thatexperience in marketing and actually building out strategies. What I noticedis that those two departments tend to be quite silent and organizations, andyou know they're both sides of the same coin. Ther so the different side, Arryof the same coin, meaning that you might be measured on different things,but the end of the day. It's all about customer acquisition and retention, andif you don't have that alignment from understanding who your customer iswhere they are and then effectively why they want to do business with you, thenyou're losing a lot of data and, as we know, there's so many strategies now interms of digital coming in that really means that when your customers comingto you, having that conversation,...

...they've, probably already done aboutsixty percent of the work, so they already know that they either want tobuy from you to have a conversation. But you need to build that relationshipand help them during their research period and that's where understandingwhat marketing needs to deliver to those customers based on feedback fromyour frontline sales force and then also your selves fors, being supportedby doing that, let's say: heavyou lifting initially to get those peopleinterested is really where the alignment is quite critical. That makessense. So so it's really yeah it's it's almost like an orchestra. You need tohave everybody to play at the same time. Obviously everybody does have adifferent kind of instrument that they're playing with, but it's about.If you want to get the symphony, you need to have everybody playing theirpart to get the musical together so in term of the in term of that old planning, and if wewere to break down the planning of content strategy possiturly when you're building yourgood market. What would be, from your perspective, the steps to follow and totake into consideration yeah, so you really do need tounderstand. You know what is your unique sellingproposition? You know, what do you want to offer? You can't be ten things andtry to service an entire market. You know, there's a popular phrase nowcalled nishing down. If you decide that you're going to go for that, onevertical focus on that. Do it well understand your customer and thenexpand out your additional verticals? Where you see opportunities, don't tryto do everything at once, because your message will become diluted. So, in myexperience, the steps would be to really understand the customer and it'svery easy to create what you call like a customer Avitar, which is arepresentation of your ideal client who are they you know even from the agethey are to what kind of company what kind of material do they like to read,so you can get a voice so once marketing is creating content, you're,putting together email campaigns or speaking them into in the languageyou're, putting yourself on platforms where they're likely to find yourinformation so that step one is really built up that customer Abatar and thencreate the awareness on those platforms. So we know a lot about social, soLinkedon, for instance, is a great be to be platform really under utilized,and it's not just about paying to play meeting doing the advertising. Now thatwill get you a lot of reach, of course, but you have to figure out what yourbudget is, and maybe you want to see what you can get organically. Thatmeans just by getting you know, putting a post on your profile or writing ablog that you can now do and linked in and see how many people share that, andonce you start being creating that awareness about who you are, then youwant to make sure that you get them off of that platform and not to yourwebsite. So that's the next step, don't completely! You know, put all of youreggs in one basket and think okay linked in puitter. Like these the waysI'm going to acquire, they're just ways to read the awareness we had the we hadta client that we probably met a few. A few weeks ago now, yeah and one of thebig stuff was speaking about how much engagement theyadd through social andyeah. He have a ton of like theter of followers. They put a lot of Frit weetthey've got lots of people following ther blog Mi. This is quite incredible.The prime they've got and I think that thots, the point that you just got toapproach is that conversion I mean Asli. I would love to have ten thousandfollowers. On a million followers on twitter, instagram or facebook, butwhat's the point if none of those gays lictualy people can buy your stuff,because at the end of the day, let's face it sells marketing wall in thesame boat, we need to create by plyingme to create revenue. We need towait to convert customers in what we need to convort prospect into custommasheesay. So absolutely yeah, no you're completely right and that's thethe problem. Initially, I think...

...organizations are getting better at itand so what you discussed? You know the likes. The shars. Those things arecalled vanity metrics. Those were things that at the beginning of digitaland social everybody was looking at, but then they realized well. Actuallythat doesn't convert just because somebody's following on a page or youknow, they're one of your fans, maybe they're, not the people. You should bepaying attention to so the people who are responding. The people who are nowgoing clicking on that lingk that you've shared. That brings them back toyour website where they decide to download a piece of that content thatyou've given the little teaser on your social post. That's the person you wantto focus on and if you have a thousand followers and on and ten of them aregoing to be converting Yourselvs, that's what you have to be working onis how many more people can you can. You know do the same things that youdid with those initial ten people and replicate that across those thousand,because yeah at the end of the day, you're going to waste your time andthen the Rli just isn't there you're paying for a person's time to post andbe online? You might as well bring them through the funnel and get them to thepoint where they're ready for a sale. Absolutely I mean and it's extremelythin consuming. I don't think when we speak about content, we try to buildcontent. Forser mean look at what we're doing right now. It is a form ofcontent. It's time consuming. We enjoy doing it, but it is tape consuming. Soit's important to make sure that you can value the time that you've investedand get some sort of Rit on around it. So you know the Ritun could be creatinga community. It doesn't need to be linked to revengue straight way, but Ido agree with you tha. The reason need for value, because I think for theworsor Foro whiles, I think peoee liking or you know, engagement for nonothing. It doesn't really make sense. Forme yeah and I think the otherimportant thing that I've certainly noticed, especially when you speak toyou know your more your senior stakholders R, your board members andyou say content, and you know they really don't understand what that means.So content means you might be doing a blog post, but it could also be what weusedto call a white paper. It could be, as you say, this podcast it could bedoing. A Youtube and content is really your engine. You know it's the engineof your website, it's other than that. If you don't have this content, that'sdynamic and you're constantly updating it and you're. Actually, looking at theanalytics behind your website in terms of what people are looking at, whythey're looking at it and actually, if you get them into your email sequenceas well, I mean that's the that's another form of conversion. Okay, ifyou're finding your content is not actually doing anything, then you needto change that and that's what it's very important to have. Google analyticset up behind your website and be monitoring that look at it every weekknow have somebody that that's dedicated to kind of see the peaks anthe and the falls, and then you can just swap someething around. Anotherreally great way is to get a guest post. So look at somebody in your ecosystem,that's very aligned to what you're doing maybe has the same audience butyou're, not in competition and post on each other's website and then have alink back to each other's website, because you're now in front of theiraudience and vice versa, and then also theu get a better google ranking,because google seeing that other people are posting stuff about you. You knowthat you have a linke to your website. So you get a much better quality scoreat the end of the day, so think about your content, make it relevant plan andmeasure it. That's wonderful! So on the Mesoman peace. So yes, I am myself tesea of opratics. Obviously, I've gotpeople working from in cales marketing and operation operation says I find itferty straightforward to Mersure people he's very strei a lot because you do asel or you know you diive US something for Cladan. So thit's SIS, this isstraightforward, sometimes a bit complex, but I think you know withYoars fixe playens. You find a formula its the any specific best practicesthat you could show with US awrong...

...around. What Sim? What you need to lookat forstifval? Maybe in the measure an and I think you covered a readysome ofITN in your previous Sonso- that, most importantly, you have any likebest practices in term of what convession rate sill be expected, and Iknow that you will vary from one one. comprate en is Osa, maybe a verydifficult question to answer. Tbut I'd like to get your sorts on that in termof wh t what bes practice are from your pespective. That is very difficult tosay, because it's all going to be based on how you know your market, and youknow how you built your audience. You know, for instance, if you're doing nemail campaign, you know s anything from ten percent to like twenty fivepercent could be a good open rate right, and it's also, if you look at if youhave five people and that's Yor, open right. Well, that's very different tohaving no a huge list of you know. Maybe Twenty usand and that's your openright yeah. So I would say that you know what you want to do is look at theindustry and try to benchmark yourself against that. But you know, even if yousay, okay, listen, I I've bench marked it and I'm going to do a ten percent.So maybe everybody that comes to my website. You know I whant ten percentto sign up. You know, leave their details, maybe sign up to my websitedownload something. So I get their email and then, when I get their emailit means that they've. Given me permission, you know, ideally now wehave gdbr. We have to be very conscious about that. So that is something thatyou need to get permitsion from. So I mean it's a very good way to start to.You know, really validate your email list, but you know so, like I said. Ifwe get ten percent from your website signing up to your email ist, then it'sreally good to be able to start tracking the measurement from youremails, meaning like the open, rigte or you know who has come back and saidthat they want to have a conversation or who has requested some additionalinformation. So you know that, can you know I've spoken to somebody in thefinancial industry and they get open rates of twenty five to thirty percent.But then I've worked with an organization in the SACE and technology.You know very early stage organization. You know we were probably getting aboutthat. You know five percent open right in the beginning and then every monthyou just try to build up and build it up, and it's all about know changingwhat you say in in the email. You know. Sometimes they show that people likeimages or Moybie like videos, but you know t you can't look to caned can'tlook like it's just something that there's no thought to very general. Youcan also look at the people in your email list and segment them based onsome of the information that you might have, like, maybe company turnover orjob title. How you speak to Seo was going to be very different to how youspeak to a middle manager. So maybe that's the first test that you do havedifferent. You know slightly tweak the language and measure the difference interms of the response. Is it mostly your middle managers coming back to youor oes? Is it your senior people? No, so that's a good way to then decideokay. What strategy do I need to have, and maybe you know that the MiddleMantegeris, the one who are doing all of the initial research and gatheringand then they're, going to bring in Thi the CEO, but then I've had the samesituation when a CEO has been so excited by the information they have,because it fits right into a strategy that they're planning at that. We hadno idea, they wereveen planning and they contacted me directly. So itreally is about just understanding who your audience is and trust trying to beas personalized as possible and then looking at each campaign and seeingwhat was the impact and what what really resonated and keep doing thesame of that absolutely I think this is this- is making a lot of sense to usbecause we dor a lot of it. We do a lot of marketing with WED IT Forus wit, wit,four clients yeah. We look at open rate if we don't have good, open, Rightel,probably look at the title of the email or the title of the ARD or the title ofthe first thing that people see. Basically, okay, that's the becauseopening means that you've got yo open. You UPEN A box. If it's a nice box, ifit's not her exactly mean you have a...

...good subject line right, obbsolutelyand then the conversion its really around the content and- and you knowwhat we found fascinating- is that we've been spending lots of time in thepast, putting some very nice htmel content and I'm talking about Tmaibecause obviously yeah different pot. You know content, but just for the mostbasic, which is the email, it's actually having a simple content. It'sa thing Scoen that is simple bullet Pointe Petentially, a message that isfrom someone to someone. You don't have that thing about. You know a click earto open in your brows eye, so something that is very simple, that thinspersonal and I think that's what people tend to respond, the best at least forwhat we do and at least foln compaigns. U Do appreciate that when we speakabout measuring, I think we could speak oumost about mersuring in our position.MERSORING sells and Mersurig operation when it comes to marketing is moreabout tracking rezards, because what wor Sore, I realize that someone willcome back to US throu the website from a chat wrong, an articlre that waswritten last year, but yeah wadoing, a research that articl POTP from mining,team, profide or somone Tas thinking profile and the decide to get in toshute rods, website fros Annitin. So it's quite interesting to see thejourney because the journys is is you need to track it and and yeah to theMersur, and it's quite a lot of Whak, just that measureman is yeah and whatyou mentioned. Is it's really valuable? Actually, once you start to invest inthe Campai into this content, people think Oh, this is the cost of it. Oh,what am I going to do? I want to see something right away. I mean it's allabout patience, you probably, as you say, you know, you're waiting aboutthree months to six months for traction, because you have to think about howmany eyes is that going to cross, and maybe somebody sees it, but they have.They don't have the decision or the need right now, but the great thingabout hontent is know: There's the ability to make it evergree, meaningthat you know it's going to be timeless really, so you can grate somethingtoday and then repurpose it. You know next year, just updated or a lot ofpeople have their things like podcast like this will pbe last. For you knowmany months still be relevant as well. As you know, you think about youtubethat type of stuff somebody's looking at you know tha the latest microphone,and so they go to an unboxing video, and I mean it's from three or fouryears ago, but it's still there t still bringing people to that individual. Sothat's the thing is your content. The cost is not just that upfront cost. Youhave to think about the value over time, you're really creating almost like afiling cabinet of like all your best works. I completely agree and if it's the way the way I talk about it withwith Ma Im and obviously wput this podcast to get us t, we are. You arepart of our content strategy. I Guess Tag Metyeai See. I see to Myin reasonwhy content is important or, from my very ilivel perspective, the first oneis otentially acquisition of new customout. So someone come across, forexample, this podcast yeah and would think whata's interesting, maybe listento another one and kind of think wel. Okay, what those guys seems to beinvolved with lots of people that you know is that sotllyther ship tey Osexplans that you want to give them thinking about topics that is subjectmatter and an people almost kand of profile, Youavr sout leader. They maynot have a need to use your services now to engage with you now to engage towish the people we do the podcast weds, but maybe in six months in they willcome back first number. One is acquisition. Number two is also toaccelerate the conversion. I was really surprised, but we meet with lets ofprospects and this prospect don't know that we do the pudcast. They don't knowthat we dwell the call. They don't know that te spend quite a firlof time. AsaFair amount of Tansui say to speak about what we see in the market, how wefeel about the market and shapbers practices, but when you stort theseticycle with with a prospect- and this top to look at you and they checkyou up online or to Cyou, will go and...

...check you uponline, I think, having afar amount of content. availiable dare in the right format, give them theconfidence of engaging with you eventially. So I think it's maybe nottool for acquisition. I think it's also a tool for accelerating selcycle,potentially and we've seen it. We've seen our content strategy beensuccessful in doing both. But again the tracking is ot that the tracking is iswhat we find very difficulent and we've got to Ladi. Mark Ha dos a Fontastichabut its, but but it's complex so appreciate what you are, what you aregoing through a minute ago Da? No so so we spoke a lot about the contentstrategy and the steps to take the good market planning. I think we mainly kindof covered the acquisition about ow. you go out, thend speak about yourselfor what I'd like to to get your sought around now is really around. Do you seecontent helping in increasing customer etention rate? I absolutely do when youlook at you know. We call this there's a funnel a marketing funnel. You knowit's basically like an inverted triangle. So at the top you know thatwill be your awareness, but then right when you start to get to the you knowthe tip where the salesperson comes in and converts them, and now they're acustomer. Well, hey now the funnel flips upside down and you still need todo the onboarding validate their decision that they made the right callworking with you as a supplier or as a partner and the information that you'reproviding so remember now, they're at a different stage, so things that you areadding to their day to help them be successful and it might just be aroundthe industry not even necessarily related to your product or your service.But you become that credible source of information, because you understand, asI was saying, that ecosystem or the things that interconnect with what theyneed, and they will be very happy to have that source or that channel withyou. So I think it's absolutely critical and you get even moreinformation from your pustoers, because you then have an account manager,that's talking to them. Sometimes you can do joint things together and sothey're actually helping populate your content. So absolutely what you saidaround falt leadership, credibility and another thing: I've seen it very goodfor is when it comes up to renewing any kind of business, it helps them tobuild their business case. It's all about what is that charable content,it's so hard to share a textbeck or product fersure and you're, trying toshow a bunch of stay holders you know or you're bored. These are the reasonswhy we need to continue to work with these people, but people like stories.So if your content tells a story about it could even be a usecasor case. Studyof this was a challenge. This is what we did to approach it with our solution,and this was the outcome that will be excellent for your customer you're,going to help them be more successful in selling that solution internally, sod do invest that acquisition stage as well as pretension stage, absolutelyokay. What is tharly interesting and again coming back to the point I wasformulating later, I think ye also il get clients involved. So hahave youseen involving clients in your content, good techniqal, so to increase royaltyincrease customer retention yeas. So there can be. You know a couple ways.Sometimes it's it's about brand building, and you knowboth sides are very happy with that, because you can reach a wider audience.Sometimes it might be a commercial agreement where there's some type ofyou know affiliate referral scheme tied to it, so it can happen in any form,but definitely if you're working with I profile customer and you know, you're ahigh profile supplier to them. You want this is how you elevate and get thatrelationship ot the next step, even if it's something like Jont press releaseor they're talking about doing an interview of how you help them, I meanwe can see that social proof, and this...

...is where we look at reviews thathappend in the sort of BDC space, that's very relevant for a B to B, sosomebody that another organization has decided a partner with you and publiclyworking on a piece of content with you, then other organizations will reallysee that as a sign, F Kay, you guys are okay, because it's not just you sayingit. It's their peers in the industry, saying it about you as well. So that'salso a very good strategy, but make sure your values are aligned becauseyou don't want to have you know sort of Eggo on your face. If you decide towrite something you're advocating and then you find you know, you find you'rreally not aligned on some things, yeah, absolutely that'! That's that's ver isway again they wan. Thank you very much. Folitin andsuring, your opinion, pointof view and best practicesn on the subject matter, obviously really enjoythe conversation to thes few points that will take away myself and Wut inplace. Actually some some of the DIOREMAS that you discuss wot vereinteresting now. Obviously, if any of our listener would like to get in touchwith you and Puss you that conversation and engage with you directly, whatwould be the best way to get intoexh wit with Ikt now yeah, so my emailwould be the best best route, and so that is my first name: Dag Mar Mo atpaoneercom and that' spelt Payon, Oue or asfect. Well tank you, Vera, MAG,Tik Mal, once again, input at you shot today was very vanuable. It was greatto Ave yo on the show and we hoped Hav listen again thanks ever so much it's abrilliant topic and I think what you guys are doing are really valuable andyou know continued success in going global and helping your clients to dothe same. Absolutely what Lik you for much for e UN couragements operadics has redefined the meaning ofrevenue generation for technology companies worldwide, while thetraditional concepts of building and managing insize sales teams in househas existed for many years. Companies are struggling with the lack of focus,agility and scale required in today's fast and complex world of enterprisetechnology sales see Ow operatics can help your company accelerate pipelineat operatics, dot net you've been listening to B, to be revenueacceleration to ensure that you never miss an episode subscribe to the showin your favorite podcast player. Thank you so much for listening until nexttime.

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