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B2B Revenue Acceleration

Episode · 3 years ago

15: The Importance of Aligning Sales & Marketing in Account Based Marketing w/ Tina Bean


Account Based Marketing helps you narrow your focus on your ideal clients.

But it will absolutely fail if you don’t align your sales & marketing efforts.

Tina Bean and her team at KickFire have recently found success with an Account Based Marketing approach supplemented with utilizing their own platform to identify key accounts.

An Account Based Marketing approach starts with the strategy of identifying key accounts.

This effort needs to be collaborative from the very beginning.

Sales needs to define what a worthy account looks like so that marketing can begin their engagement campaigns.

It’s up to your marketing to create different messaging for prospects at various stages, and it’s up to your sales team to take that prospect through to a closed deal.

It’s a tandem process.

A truly joint effort of sales and marketing to come up with an initial list of key accounts, bring that buyer through the journey, and then keep them as a customer.

Engagement is simply the key indicator of success with ABM.

If a company can get their finger on the pulse of engagement in a prospect’s journey, they are well on their way to connecting with that that potential customer and closing a deal.

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You're listening to be to B RevenueAcceleration, a podcast dedicated helping software executives stay on thecutting edge of sales and marketing in their industry. Let's get into the show, I welcome to be to be a revenueaccelebration. My name is Oam wit, and I'm here today with Tina been fromkickfire. How are you today t now? I'm fantastic? Thank you right. Great Great Sic Yonknow. I'mvery excited to have you today, because we are about to speak about a tuppythat is really close to my houte. I'm hearing a lot about statte moment. Socan't wait pick your brain upon it, but it's about the importance of calls andmarketing alignment in an account base. Marketin Plat, but before we go intothat conversation, I am very interested for you to tell a small, but not onlyyourself, but also your rolatic fire and what does kick foryour ters as anoorganidation. Please sure yeah, I'm happy to well. First of all, I'm sohappy to be here, because this is a topic that's near and dear to my heartas well. I am one of the founders of kickfire, so we have two platforms atkickfire, the first ones, O software is a service platform and that identifiescompanies in the market to buy products or services. Really any company thatsells to other companies would benefit from using our product. The typicalpersona of that product, the buyer is the head of marketing and also the headof sales. It benefits both because they both want to remain an alignment aboutwho the companies are that are displaying those high value action.They also want to understand companies showing buying intent and engagement onthe website. Validating did those companies were looking at come to thewebsite. We also have a data as a service platform which operates off thesame core intelligence, and that is ip address intelligence. It allows othercompanies to make requests of our database to call our database totranslate Ip addresses to powers, their processes, and so the typical buier forthat product is the head of product and the data is a service, usually powerstheir application. So there are a lot of far reaching capabilities withinthis product. The type of company that would benefit from it is any companythat sits inside of the account base marketing spectrum. The data is aservice platform, is used by companies that do targeted, display, website,content, personalization, prodictive intelligence form, enrichment, intentand so much more now to transition a bit about myself. I am in charge ofsales here at cakefire and also strategic partnership, and so over theyears I started from being the only person in sales for the first fouryears of our company's existence to...

...growing a sales team which consisted ofabout twenty. If you add strs Andaes, and so we have also transitioned overtime similar to how the product has we have begun to work through that account,base marketing approach and found tremendous success. So we can reallyspeak to what our individual users are doing, because it's what weare doing intinding success through as an individual myself. I'd like to stay onthe front line I like to talk with customers, I still form the strategicpartnerships from the beginning to the end, and I maintain the relationships.My job is primarily top line revenue. Anything that focuses around toplinerevenue and anything that focuses on the strategy of the product and how wefit in the market. So it's very common that I would come to our CTO and ourdevelopment team with new product ideas that then come to market, and I havebeen in charge solely for our go to market plans for not only our analyticplatform which came to market before Google analytics, which was assessedbefore Sass was an acrodem and brought that to market successfully and thenalso then, when our data is ha surface market place came out. We additionallythen had to establish that go to market plan, and I was in charge of that andin charge of bringing that product to market, establishing the valueunderstanding who our buyer was and then really transitioning the rest ofthe team into that salesperson. That could work in that different data as aservice world, and so I touch a lot of different avenues here at the company,but I'm very passionate about everything that I do. That'sWonderfurtan. That's think you very much for that. Soabm o account basedmarketing seems to be a bit of a Buz War at the moment, wearing lots ofpeople talking about it were wearing lots of people telling us that they aredoing a com base markting, but then, when we look at what they are doing, itsmarter type of marketing, Thut Stii, that ecount is really from ourperspective and D. Obviously, the conversation today is about theimportance of cels and marketing alignment in that accon based strategyto be completely honest with you ao. If I'm sitting on for table with just acon base marketing as a definition of the process, we tend to cull it, I canbase everything because we believe that the sells the limit of an Abianstrategy is extremely important. Getting those fitback from the Faleadding your sends people, YR, sell, rips or yourselvs Youare Cot manater.If you will being able to bring you...

...back feedback, you know the toaccelerate. You know to Findyou in order to better your ABM, approachfofrom all dospectity is very, very, very important and, and the only way to makeit very successful. So I'm very interested Tina to understond your sorton that sure yeah, absolutely well. Saletan marketing alignment, I think,is actually even easier with the account base marketing approach. Whenyou have tools that speak to both mindsets, and so when we talk aboutaccount base marketing, it traditionally starts with the strategyof identifying key accounts, and that is a collaborative effort between salesand marketing. It's important to get the sales peoples o buy off on what isa good account then, to create that marketing approach. Traditionally, itcan be in the form of a marketing automation, DRIP campaign. It can betargeted display. It can be anything around understanding, intent data allgoing into the identification of that account. Are they engaging so reallythe most important thing? If we talk about KPIS with account base, marketingis engagement, engagement, engagement and that engagement can come in theform of, of course, activity on the website or in the broader Internet ofthe whole kickfire understands through its listening agent. Our live leadsplatform, Aur software. As a survace platform. We can understand all typesof anengagement to the website and the good news is: We can segment thatengagement, engagement, that came through a marketing automatian campaignor through paper click or any type of a retargeting or campaign that could beout there. So the beautiful part of the web is it's trackable, every action canbe recorded and traced, and that then indicates engagement and spikes andengagement or surges in engagement could indicate buying intent. That'sreally where the handoff from marketing to sales takes place, then, within thatit's up to the prowess of the salesperson and their approach into thebuying center of the company. To then take that through to the close now,there are multiple messages that marketing can create as buyers get intodifferent stages of the sales process as they go deeper down. The funnelcontent can be syndicated that can speak to their different sections ofthe buying journey, and so what you're trying to do is foster additionalengagement, keep the buyer interested from the marketing point of view bysending different point pieces of information, and then, meanwhile, thesales team is working through that...

...process. As well in trying to createthat value, prop construct the right solution and then work towards thatsale, so I see a tandem process happening. I see first of all, thejoint effort of Salestan marketing to create that target list, then that youtake a parallel approach: marketing creating the content to get the buyerto the website and then to create different content messages as they flowthrough their journey, their buying journey, all the while sails, then incontact with the buying centers within the company, and we know through theserious decisions waterfall that was recently released. That is very typicalthat there would be multiple decision makers in that buying committee on itwithin the company as that buying committees working through the processwith the salesperson. They are getting also that messaging from marketing andthat should align all the way through the sales cycle to the closhe. Okay.Well, that's that's! That's a very sorou approach that I think you couldgot accrally everything that we do Avea. We do suggest in our process thatthat's a very shorough, very clear way to put it Toget US O. Thank you verymuch tinus or that, oh sure, Yo, and I should just mention, if I could, youknow, thereare additional tools. Of course that can be added and assertedinto the marketing stack and all of those tools. You know whether it'spredictive at the top or whether it's a solution in the middle, that's reallydoing attribution, but really the most important thing is to get those eyesand ears into the website to understand engagement and, of course, everythingssitting in that trm. Absolutely it's about it's apobis Abou joining thedhuts, I guess in Te wayits about is about making sense of information nd anindication that you could have from a different channelr for from one shannelto Oneother, trying to put them together, trying to make sense of itand then communicateing intility to make sure that that information is shodwith the right individual, so is a marketing of cells, but giving thatinformation to enpower peoples conversation with the prospect at theend of the day and and make that conversation more and more targetit. So,but that's Onof for thank you for Machin afor that we also atconversation around ADM at scale. So how do you scate up your idean processand I think it's becoming obvious that Ab Mat scale can't be done without thesupport of a good technogy tool. Ol Good technogy stack because het couldbea stuck off toas walking together. Of course, I ol can a company make surethat they choose the right text tack to support the ABM Compan without addingto manage too many providers or getting...

...lost in the compans? Well, that's agood question that relates to the size, the relative size of the company you'retalking about, because if we have a large enterprise, you're going to betalking about predictive companies that are going to be deploying ai right, soartificial intelligence to then choose that next best customer or the nextbest company they should be going after and that's all based on algorithms thatare fed through on boarded crm data or continually updated and fed throughreal time information. So I can speak particularly to a predictive company.That's using our technology to identify in real time. The companies that areengaging on their customers website, who are the companies? What is theirintens journey, look like what is ther journey through the website look likeand what kind of a company are there? What's their industry? What's theirrevenue? What's their number of employees so that they can understandrelative size, they're taking that data and then feeding it back into theirpredictive modeling at in real time to then produce look alike? Who could alsobe like this to expand that footprint of the target audience now? Typically,then they would deploy a methodology from there could be targeted display totry to go after them could be a nurture campaign could be a content,syndication company, anything like integrate or lookbook, who is now pathfactory to be able to go in customize content at whatever part of theirjourney and whatever industry specific information they need. So there arecertainly companies that can work towards that automation, one inparticular that I like is idio platform and they use our technology. One thingI like very much about them is they have the ability to recommend next bestcontent recommendation based on what they call topic, clouds or topics ofinformation that this user has consumed previously as they journey throughoutthe Internet, and so that has the ability to suggest recommended content,not only content but also recommended emails for a sales person. So that thenenables ABM it scale right. It takes Ai, it takes machine learning to understandhabits, and then it takes the artificial intelligence than to puttogether other possible candidates or companies. Now, when we talk aboutmidsized companies, we're going to be thinking differently, becauseoftentimes they're not going to have a...

...seven figure budget to deploy thoseplatforms that I was previously talking about, they're going to be looking at atextstack that would include marketing automation right to get that inbound,lead they're, going to be looking at a analytics tool like ours to identifythe companies telling them who is on the website and about their journey, sounderstanding and identifying the anonymous companies coming to thewebsite to then broaden at their footprint and then they're going to belooking at other tools through crm and possibly other look alike. Data throughsome data modeling right, if it looks like, is at quax like a dug, then mustbe our next possible customer right. If it his all of this information. Thepart I want to point out that so many companies miss is that it's importantthat you have the continuity of the same data provider up and down the datastack, and when I'm talking about data provider, I mean, if you're doing IPintelligence. If you're resolving ips across any of your platforms, then youwant to have the same provider or it's possible. You could lose attributionand what I mean by that is if, at the top of the stack, let's take, let'sstart it predictive. If, at the top of the stack, you are using a company, ifyou're using crignapple kickfire to resolve ips to identify Ip thecompanies coming that are displaying those high value action and as you movedown the stack you are using other companies. For example, we work withintent companies to you're continuing that journey down the stack into thenthat website analyzation and also content indication and be to betargeted dsplay. As long as each of those vendors are translating the IPSto companies the same continuously down the stack, you will continue to callthat Ip, the same company and because kickfire has the highest IPEDOC companyMatt rate in the industry. You will see more companies and you will continue tosee that ipadress be called the same company all the way through the buyer'sjourney. That way, if a predictive company at the top of the Steck hasidentified Apple Computer, for example, you want to be sure that, at every stepin the journey you're seeing that same visitor as apple computer, because ifsuddenly we're calling them comcast, you would not have the knowledge thatthey made it down through the next part of your cycle or the next technologyand your stack and so very important when we're at trade shows and companiescome up to us and say you know we're...

...using kickfire on our website we'reusing them with our content syndication company. Now I need a predictive vendor.Who Do I choose now? I need a B to be. I need a DSP that will advertise by Ipa WHO DO I choose that uses kickfire, and so it's very important that theycontinue up and down the stack with Bestin class IP intelligence and theyhave that continuous flow and because we have such a stronghold in themarketplace and because we are the industry standard, we have that abilityto just be everywhere. Thas, wonderful, wos, Som kid think you very much, butyou know that's a lot of information. That's also very quite insightful aboutwhat you do at etic fire, but I think it's useful to be that sorrow inexplaining of things. Well because again, this is not a simple process andI like the sithat TOA mentioning to such othertificial intelligence, andyou know al. The stack can walk together because often we've got we'vegot one solution and- and I do believe that solution in isolation- contralyDoo much- you know you would Lii dmitate yourself if you just was useone one, one type of solution: I'm Goingto Find Ol question for you andthat final question is worth mearing. The widest range of Funseles. So I'dlike to you know from your experience, the all thes year that you spent atneeding the sate steam leading the top planet kick fire. I woill explain thatyou've got a good fiil for it, but that question is around the main KPI thatyou see as being required to the measure inorder to assess the success of an Adian compat. You know it is simply:engagement. Engagement engagement and that engagement can come on theindividual company's website or it can come through content consumption on thebroader internet as a whole, and so that's where we get into the intentvertical of the industry, and that is companies that offer in cent have theability to identify when a company is consuming content on a BTB publisherwebsite. So, for example, if you sell a very targeted B to be a product orservice, and there are companies engaging consuming multiple pieces ofcontent around this with indicating that they could be in a beginning, abuying cycle. That's really where you want to begin right. You want to beginwith. Predictive is great. Predictive relies of traditional old schoolprojective relies on what happened in the past right that on boarded crm data.The predictive companies that are succeeding now are the ones that alsohave that reel time feed into the website, and they join intent data soreally getting their fingers on the puls of engagement. Our companiesengaging are multiple decision makers...

...within that company engaging what kindof content are they engaging in with that in mind, then targeting thatjourney and that experience towards exactly what that company is lookingfor and the type of content. So really engagement is the best KPI thatI can see. As I look to the market. Okay, very good, sor, good Idin, youHava, you have a way to Mozel Dat. Do Do you sugist dor? Absolutely that's what we do so! Yes, absolutelyyou! Definitely you definitely need to get a tag on your website if you don'tan intelligent tag that translates anonymous visitors to companies,because you need to know who's engaging and you need to understand then basedon. For example, we have what we call a watchlist report that can identifyrelative engagement in a period overperiod time frame, for example,from this month to last month. Is there a surge inactivity? If so, then wesurmise if this could be a buying engagement or a buying interest, isthere etentially a decline in activity, and then you might have a differentissue? For example, if they're a current customer, you could have aretention problem and so engagement, especially over high value pieces ofwebsite property, are particularly important and real time is everythingwe don't need a report from two weeks ago that old we need a report today andwe need it in real time is possible and, to me real time is within a tenth of a secondto other companies. Real time mean something different, but real time isat the point of engagement and that's what we offer. That's, that's wonderful,W! Thank you! Mora Mach, now, that's again very insightful, and I guess atone of the question at I always ask to any of our guest is: How can we get intouch with you, oucane our audience, rich Soutyou, now to discuss any of thetopics that we cover today or any of the deters of we cover today of Isan,engage with you to anosow. Kick fire could support them in the business togo. Oh, you bet. If you want to speak with me personally, it's Tina Tina atkickfirecom or you can go to kickfirecom and submiti forms. If youhave general interest in the technology and would like someone from our salesteam to reach out, I'm always happy to engage, and hopefully we can worktogether in the near future, absolutely Wen. Thank you ror much now it wasgreat, adding you on the show today, so I hope we're going to have theopportunity to get together a Gat and go in thise conversations. Thank you somuch. I appreciate your interest. I appreciate you calling me operatics has redefined the meaning ofrevenue generation for technology...

...companies worldwide, while thetraditional concepts of building and managing inside sales teams in househas existed for many years, companies are struggling with the lack of focus,agility and scale required in today's fast and complex world of enterprisetechnology sales. Seeo operatics can help your company accelerate pipelineat Operatics, dot net you've been listening to B, to b revenueacceleration to ensure that you never miss an episode subscribe to the showin your favorite podcast player. Thank you so much for listening until nexttime.

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