B2B Revenue Acceleration
B2B Revenue Acceleration

Episode · 2 years ago

27: Short-Term Wins & Long-Term Brand-Building w/ Faye Hawkins


Everyone knows the value marketing has on the sales cycle. Marketing puts forth an incredible amount of effort to warm clients and accounts. Sales members strive to close deals, often under immense pressure to meet quotas. When these two teams work together, it’s magic.

So this week, we’re listening to Faye Hawkins from First Base Unlimited. Their goal? To help you strategize and determine who your real buyers are, and understand how you can best access and serve the market. On this episode of the B2B Revenue Acceleration podcast, Faye delivers these answers and more.

Faye Hawkins has been defining the face of tech brands for almost 20 years, specializing in B2B software.

You Ere listening to be to B RevenueAcceleration, a podcast dedicated helping software executives stay on thecutting edge of sales and marketing in their industry. Let's get into the show hi welcome to be to be a revenueacceleration. My name is Ola Witt and Im here today with Fay Okins from firstspace. Are you doing thing, yeah good thanks very nice to see you thanks forhaving Meo no problem at all, so today we will be talking about some top tips.forcast grow bucketers, but before we get thirted, can you please tell us alittle bit more about yourself as well as your company first base yeah sure soso fath grade marketing is what we're all about so perfectly aligned throughour specialist topic. Here we wort with technology, BB companies and we're anagency that helps them. You know put all the right pieces in play so takingthem to market helping their buyers to actually understand what it is thatthey sell what the value would be getting them in front of the righttarget audiences, making sure that we now get those buyers to know what it isthat we're trying to sell. We generate the leads. That's always the number onerequirement for all of our clients, so demond generation is very much then thekind of tactic and then really just helping the clients do understand n howthe buyers are behaving so there's a huge component o of digital marketing,where we're looking for you know every touchpoint, every action where ourbuyers really getting in touch with us on various channels and then reallyjust helping kind of push them toward my sales conversation in a nat showthat's what we do excellent t at that sounds that sounds very interesting andvery close to what we do in a sense. We probably are the next tepart of that.So that's we've got a good on dosonting of thevalue you can bring, and so so we both walk with Bito, be softwareorganization and multipor clients as poly or clients, are growing at a veryfirst pass pace with new technogicum, consistently or constantishansay comingto market, then dgesing neurons of investment, compalydein eading to skiletheir business because theye on the pressure from investors and needingingneeding to do it in a very short time phrase in the first pace, comaronmentwithin marketer that can quickly adapt they approach to their clienty to thecompany. Just companies needs your perspective, Watr th skins and talentsthat you believe marketers in the first changing market needs to have yeahquestion I mean ter's, definitely a skills, an expertise component to anyany successful markeing program. YEU. You picked up just there that you knowwe work in the kind of industry where it's usually competitive, and you knowwhether you're a start up or an enterprise business. You still havequite a lot of ground to cover, from a marksin point of view, the skills thatyou need. The number one thing as much as you need their kind of hands onexpertims. It just need to be all over...

...it. We need to have you know theattitude where you're really looking for every single opportunity andlearning really quickly, there's all sorts of tools out there these days soy. u know the Martic Revolution is absolutely upon us, so every marketeris, you know having to learn new things every day and we're learning theyr.What kind of new techniques we can pay in place, Wewe're having to get scriptswith know all the new kind of Marky automation platforms, different typesof tracking software, so technology is really having a huge impact on how weactually do marketing for software and beat be tech companies. So it's adefinitely a component of just need to be quite resourceful. There's an answerfor something everywhere like how do we do this? What's the best practice wayof doing it? So it's definitely a kind of highpaced environment and you needpeople that really kind of have that go getting drive to like get stuff doneand learn new things and just make stuff happen because in the end, that'sthe thing that makes the difference. You know we set out our strategy forall the clients we work with, and you know we have to adapt really quickly ha,that's the other thing like we don't know very often won. He start withcompanies. I mean you'll have the same thing yourself. You start with astartup company because they may not have done marketing. Before now. We canset out a paper based plan. That makes really good sense, but we don't knowuntil we actually get. I market know how the buyers are going to behave.What sort of engagement we're going to get what sort of response rates weshould be looking for. So there's a lot of optimization and- and you know, kindof looking at what's in front of you and picking the best path and that's areal skill, so good decision making short term and the longer term visionof all the things that are kind of needed to be successful. That's quite along answer that there's quite a lot to it. I guess yeah, no, it's, but it doesmake perfect sense because I think you also tell you right. I think if youlook at your organization, if you look at a organization like like Oparatics,we are tentions of our clients, certain Marketingt, respectively, right soitimately. We would have people com in to us because they want to accelerateresert. They want to accelerate the routtomarket. They want to acceleratebip and generation regeneration before that, but utimately they want toaccelerate their growth and we see it very very often- and it's not just withsmall startup company that she would expect her. You know: Ife, not reallyfinalizefr strategy, also sait with larger of organizations me very largepublic companies that who work with WHEM. Sometimes we talke with HAstrategy but along the way, through analysis of results through voice ofthe customers through the feeling, through experience of Working Witho, Alvendors, we also need to Fintion Ol Fosu at least yeah need to anshow betpractices to try to influence clients, but do you find it Diticul, sometimesto inference clients to do the right thing? That's a bit a FI, frickyquestion. I know exactly what you mean and youknow putting when I put myself in the client shoes. You know what they'relooking for from us is a degree of...

...certainty. You know they want to know,and ultimately it always comes down to ry. It's. If I make this investment inmarketing or demand generation. What will I get out and it's sometimes very,very difficult for the agency orfor any marketer to give a concrete answer tothat, and I think you know it's a little bit of marksing does sometimes suffer fromfrom that kind of attitude of Ho. It's all very kind of fluffy, and you knowwe were not really kind of no nailing our colors to the post on what we canachieve, but as an agency, we try to get that predictability in placs forclietes, where we can forecast and we can build a models, but the modelrequires data we need to. We need to do some marketing before we can tune it upand that's where the responsiveness and the optimization comes in. You know wehave to know how many what the download rate is, for instance, and how we'reconverting landy page visits to downloads to actually put a ratio in apercentage that says okay. If we now increase the traffic by this much we'llget this many more downloads. Otherwise you know we're going to say: okay,let's do some marketing, we'll just hope for the rest, so it's a show thatit's quite I mean I do understand. You know actuall. We have to understand itwi the quiet point of view as well, and it would help- though I think you knowthey're looking for certainty. We can. We can give them a plan that has allthe kind of you know worked out, strasgy and loads of experience andbest practice in there. We can give them a target, and so this is what wethink we can achieve if we go ahead and do this, but we're going to have toactually you know, adapt as we go and learn as we go and that's somethingthat often yeah, I do think plits. You know they don't like to have thatconversation necessarily because it almost feels like you know, we're notsure that it will work either, which there is a degree are because you knowwe don't know for sure if it will work. Unless we do it absolutely nowcompletely agree with you. The point you mentioned a word that is, I spokecoutru member, exactly in which but Casper you mentioned flifty as a evictogoing up, do marketing and- and I contacall exactly- and I think thatconversation actually came up a few times, but there is almost called theflushy marketing it's more like the longterm marketing, which is actuallyvery important, nothe long term. What would you bid? Your Brend Thatis, theshort tem, which is obvese thing that you mention IC, says: Okay, let'sgenerate it now, let's get people coming onto the website. Let's optimizeThas have some compans. Let's, let's make it very simple for people tocontact us and get in in touch with us when din vying process. So I guess mynext question to you is any marketer needs to find a balance between shortterm winds and longterm brand building ae do that yeah. That is the ultimatequestion from racking. I'm so glad you asked so when it it comes down to it comesdown to a couple of things, and it also comes down to being prepared to stickout. It is kind of the number one thing that you know: We've learned in ouryears of working with now tongs of different technology clients and theshort term requirement is often the...

...justification for continuing to investin marketing. So so, for instance, you know well have a plit thats say: We'vegot a fixed budget and we want you to go ahead and put the marketing plantogether. We'll do what we do and Wi'll come back with here. If the leads thatWev generated for you hope off you go, and you know, as you say, there mightwell be some kind of oporatics involvement, also kind of leavedevelopment just to get them into their sales pipe line. But ultimately it'sabout it's about bombs, on seats at that level, and that is the number onething when lots of clients are looking to us as agency. We have to deliverthat, but the other thing that goes hard in hand with it is what is thecost of that lead? So the cost per lead is more important, arguably than howmany leades can we generate, because you know you can buy as much traffic asyou want. It's a question of how expensive should the traffic be for youto actually know get the wheels to tern from the marketing point of view, andthis is where the longer term approach really can't start to come into its own,because even if you invest in the short term in Braon, you have this kind ofJuk the position where the better knowin the brand is, and particularlyfor kind of startup businesses. They have this equation that they have tofind the balance for where you know, they're, not necessarily very wellknown as a brand. They might have an amazing product, they know exactly whothey're going to go and target, but if we go knock on those doors from amarketing perspective, now maybe we use Inmail, we might use pont of content,might use Google ads. We can get in front of those people, but their nextquestion is: Who are these guys and when will you know? Will they be aroundthim two years time? If I buy their software now? What sort of servicecontract can I really expect? And that goes down to brand? And you know,ultimately, you know we what we have a lot of discussions with kind of seniorleaders and the people who sign checks were marketing where you know we'relooking at investing in the brand. They don't see that as a helpful thing for abalance sheet point of view, but it does mean that overall you'll get muchbetter performance out of your marketing and you will grow faster,it's just less tangible in the metrixs. So that's the tricky thing. The otherthing, though we kind of proven with a couple of plats, where we wert withhair on kind of longer term relationship. The ideal marktingprogram is twenty four months in a plan: it's not six months. It's not threemonths, not even twelve, and you know over over twenty four months you canput bath a short term and a longterm plan together, and you can look tobring down the cospelide, because investing in the brand means that youwill generate more leades that are organic or acheaper to bice. So so,overall, the Ray, if you look at it over a longer term period, that's a farbetter way of doing it, rather than how many leads. Can I get over a short termperiod starting from zero? And that's always the complicated bit when they'retrying to talk to clients, because it does take a leap of faith if you'rejust trying to get started in a market, particularly if you're a kind of fastgrade business and yeah? It's a difficult, difficult conversationhaving a topgh challenge absolutely, but I guess Younso Ma next question toyou have what would be your top tips...

...for do startups organizational oduse,technogy companies to develop a successful marketing strategy and so ofound of SOM? We? What you're saying is that to really realize that Don rled,the longterm plan, but R Rin get the best of Ha marketing strategy where Syeshould have is a twenty four months plan which soul have pectical shot, Otem inpact on Fiveline as yeah as long of an long ot some strategy that we eldyou to put your Brads forwarld resonates to your customers and you Ctimatly accelerate the Raton on your tectical compangs and to that extens Ra,Dou, shopes pait that isn't the right Soik! That's exactly what I'm sayingbrilliant! Thank you right. I'll write that down. I'm listening, Thateadme towas a question aroundaround the LEAV, so we think about the leads and and we we always havedifferent definition of pleat yeah, and I appreciate you know. I think you anda conversation in the pasters Wi. What led to the podcast today IU, notknowing each other, which is how do we bridge the Gab between the work thatShu guys do and actually sense? Okay, yeah ecause, and I feel I feel forindividual, like yourself, a fiel for marketers, because we walk very closelyto sell tin Wi. We wolk whis, fantastic selity, Maso, Wa, Wi Serg individualthat are probably a little bit more pitcy wants. We also sometimes walkwith teams that are a bit more tactical, so it could be a reseller. Could yourpartner, it could be an INSIDT cellsteam wo have sometimes they expectthe letes to be. You know if there is not a project in Strimon, so if thereis ot a project in six months, this is not a good liad. Okay, which is greatif you are in the commodity bit, which is Great Ifyoi, very low value e volume,and you want to Chur and Yoy. Don't have the time to you Hav the time to what we? Basically,you don't have space for any additional cust of sells to be put in because theaveregitil value is to look. But how do you get that enshake done from aTransto flet pespective to make sure that you know cost of all peoplearetually working, the Lizar Yor, providing them yeah and not just fromyou know, walking the linds doesn't mean okay, 're Gonno, give them a callor send them Anumenta Iy. They don't respond te such a good lat. It must bedone properly, but I'm interesting to UNOSO. Now you do that because,obviously I know that we arean were walking together and doing that for thesame clients, but when we are not involved, what are the challenges thatyou see and what are the solution that you are bringing in Tirme of end of OPprocess, to make sure that you know most of the out work that you do isactually not only the Pelsi as good, but also yeah really turn iting to good,because yeah, okay, when Youare Marketer, the job of marketing, is notto provade quatified opporsunities. For me only that I epotatin spring on sixMons time is a quatified apportunity.

So someone else should do that. YEALLJEB is to find that fell, touch that fistinteres. So a that's kind of mylong on question for Youno and again it's another really big topic andthere's no one size fits all approached. He. It there's all sorts of differentfact of to consider, but I absolutely agree with you that the the role ofmarketing is to is to generate interest from buyers. We are not selling topeople, we are helping the salespeople understand who they should be talkingto to them, go ahead and sell for them. So I completely agree with you and Ithink, tthere's a there's. A lot of, I guess kind of industry, confusion,frustration, maybe about some of the terminology. That's really been adoptedin B, Tob to th, the mqls O Mark Pittin qualified lead has such a massive rangeof different interpretations and definitions across our client base andwith good reason in part. Sometimes it reflects the sales organization thatexists inside the client. So, for instance, you know if you've got tonsof Bisdevol lead development, telemarketing inside sales team, forinstance, you need more volume, you need less qualified leave, you justneed a lot of them, and so the definition of mql at that point couldliterally just be a download. It's not very well qualified, but there's anexpectation, that's kind of set there between markting and sales that qhisesa high volume of them will be returned to marketing for Nirture, and that'sfine as long as it's understood, but we also have the opposite end of thespectrum. Sometimes, where you know we marketing is expected to qualify theleads that we want them now, and you know that it takes time to qualify,leads that come through in the same way because they will have, you know, comethrough from whatever th the kind of engagement is, but that doesn't meanthat they want to buy. So you know we can. We can look at intent, we canunderstand now which tannels and what sort of fun of velosity, and all theseyou know kind of ways of figuring out who look like the highest priority.That would convert to sale, but at the same time it still it still requires asales discussion. It still requires an appointment. It still requires e Selesprocess and is sometimes that line is quite blurred about. You know how faralong the whole of the Bier journey marketing should actually continue toengage. It's always a good one for discussion. I mean what we do for quitea lot of clients is, is trying nail that down from the start, because it'ssuper important for marketing and sales to get off on the right foot. You knowwe need to all understand exactly what we mean by lead to your first point andwe try to define what are the lead stages. Very very often, you knowthere's some kind of existing crm so sells force or whatever it might be,that the sales folks are all used to using, and we can work with that. Wejust need to understand what that intersection point is between. Wheneverwe create a marketing lead, how does it actually populate? Who Does it go to?How do we actually put that kind of automation bit in place and completelyreturn path? So if it's not a lead, give it back we'll have it back? Thankyou. Will ther some lead narture, we'll...

...see if we can qualify them again and ifnot, then you know Wel do what we need to do on the marketing side. So there'sdefinitely this good kind of structure that can we can put in place to kind ofset up. You know what should that handoverloop like between marting andsales. But again you know it needs some fine chouning. We need to work out, youknow what can marketing practically do and you know how to sales need to cometo the party to do the next bit if we're not soo able to qualify it sohard from the marks in pornt oview. I think you know, as we Jist Goss Soly on,because Ayon of the Etopick is fast growth marketers. I think Goming backto Hou Point Assu. You mentioned what we see with most of our clientsis thatwe have to adapt. We have to change this quaification. We've got to changethe way we pass some pose leads. We've got to change the way we communicate orwe need to change the report. So you may start with Ta Company and the sayyou know what we want. Absolutely everything, because we need to speak topeople we to get out there and then they get to a position where theyactually have a fam out of pipeline, and then they ga Onteprersore to closethe business so yeah promably, less interrested by the lower level or less qualified needs,and then you may have an incelor team coming in and then that' in gene teamwill just wo the qualification and you know it could Nede to that to theChatnel, but the strategy always tende to change every six months from promwot.We see. So I think I think, coming back to the point that you mentioned. OnyKnow that lead into tot process and that return loop, I agree, needs to bedifferent at the beginning and everybody needs to enshake sales,marketing and uarth professional services to players, but NOA. I thinkit's also very important to discuss about it on Aquatony Baseand, just tomake sure that I still fitting the needs and fitting te require from themanagement of the clients and to the Pogumentionallye. It's about adaptic.It's about ating people can do the analysis. Listening to the signals fromthe clients on Dostining, our thestructure of clients and thuse fatgrowing company are developing and based on the way the develop providesugation on hey. This is how we har such and such when they were exactly atthe TA same stage of growth at you, which suggests potentionally, putthing,Ta Processinc play, and we actually end up doing a lot of that anthing also toget to Theh next stage. You know the almost like a staircase, you get to acertain level of provenue, and then you need to be it better and better andbetter and to go up need to change and chais difficult and igueis. The goodnews or organization like yours and ours is that we've been doing it withmany clients. So we can come up with. We can come up with Thi, that'sfonderful, but thanks for that thing, I'm sure I'm sure you was more usedwith alrgans to listen to the tips and the information you SHALN and alltheintelligence around the way you percive things and now, if anyone wants toconnect with you to learn more about your company Thursdays, what's the bestway to get in touch with you? Well, we always ASENTO conversations withtechnology companies that licking to...

...grow. So you know whether Theys Theyre,already doing marketing or know right at the beginning of that journey. BestWay to get in touch is probably take a look at our website and have a look atsome of the case studies that we've got on there. There is different types ofcliant different types of marketing. The website address is w dondy dot. It's hit first basecom hitfirst and then Basecom you'll find quite a few different examples of kindof services that we offer. We do all sorts of different things for some tiht,some plients. It's full service marketing, where literally outsource,all of it and wwill take care of hitting the number and for others. Youknow we feel in around existing in house expertise. So you know we can add.You know certain bits of components of the whole marketing programs, Owhatevers needed really so yeah. I shall look forward to where econtinuing conversations and some of our share clients, hopefullywill will have found o little collaboration here, interesting toabsolutely well hats, great many things again, Fada was wonderful to that wasonder fully twelve young okay right is great, really good. Fun, thanks forHavi me on. Thank you. operadics has redefined the meaning ofrevenue generation for technology companies worldwide, while thetraditional concepts of building and managing inside sales teams in househas existed for many years. Companies are struggling with the lack of focus,agility and scale required in today's fast and complex world of enterprisetechnology sales see Ow operatics can help your company accelerate pipelineat operatics, dot net you've been listening to B, to b revenueacceleration to ensure that you never miss an episode subscribe to the showin your favorite podcast player. Thank you so much for listening until nexttime.

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