B2B Revenue Acceleration
B2B Revenue Acceleration

Episode · 2 years ago

29: Key Considerations for Marketers in Cyber-Security w/ Gily Netzer


Gily Netzer has been working in the cybersecurity sector for almost 20 years.

She’s worked with startups such as Illusive Networks and large brands, like Symantec.

As you can imagine, she’s witnessed quite the evolution in the industry.

One major challenge marketers like Gily face in the cybersecurity space is that it can be difficult to sell a product to customers who do not see the need for it.

Another challenge facing marketing VP’s like Gily is finding creative ways to break through the noise.

On today’s episode of the B2B Revenue Acceleration podcast, Gily joined us to talk about her experience with this challenge as a marketer in cybersecurity. She also shared some key considerations to keep in mind as you work towards closing deals.

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