B2B Revenue Acceleration
B2B Revenue Acceleration

Episode · 2 years ago

30: Drive Sales by Investing in Your Personal Brand w/ Dale Dupree


What does being a major signed heavy metal musician and an amazing salesperson  have to do with each other?


Dale Dupree is widely known as the Copier Warrior as well as being the host of the Selling Local Podcast and leader of the Sales Rebellion. Dale understands personal branding in a way that many in the corporate world do not.

On a recent episode of The B2B Revenue Acceleration Podcast, Dale joined me to discuss personal branding. Particularly the critical need for authenticity, transparency, and creativity.

While it may cost you in the short term, these branding traits are critical. They will set you apart and drive more sales.

He explains how developing his authentic brand has led to more closed deals, the push back he has received from corporate culture, despite record sales, his best practices for personal brand building, and how all mistakes are good.

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