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B2B Revenue Acceleration

Episode · 2 years ago

45: The Myth of the European Summer Holidays w/ Operatix International Team


Business in Europe basically just shuts down during the summer.


It’s the worst-kept secret in B2B that you can actually make a ton of great connections with Europeans during summertime--if you know the right way to handle it.

Today, we’re chatting with the Operatix International Team: Ada Amato, Head of International, Ikram Yousfi, Head of France, and Allen Bossman, Inside Sales.

The team has all the insider tips about how to have a productive summer and keep your team from being idle in September.

You're listening to be to B RevenueAcceleration, a podcast dedicated helping software executives stay on thecutting edge of sales and marketing in their industry. Let's get into the show, I welcome to be to be a Revinieeccelaration. My name is oly a with he and today have some very special guestson the show which are part of your project team atually we've got ADA Meto,ADOF International ECRA, USPI AD of France and Alan Bestman, ed of insideSalls attopparatic. So, first of all welcome to the show guys. So today, the topic of the conversationwhich is quite cesonor is around the misconception of Al The myth of theEuropeans from oiday and the fact that people do believe that in Europe wetend to shut down when the summer come. So I wantyou to start with ou a crum.You are obviously a French speaking lady, youcal, O the French market, the Jon Markets Withzorland, and I he oftenbeing French that the French do stop wolking for a proximatyly two monthsduring thes time Olso. If you could share a bit of your expience aroundthat, but also I do believe that last summer was actually quot successful foryou, actal. You could show some of the the tips and the learnings that youdeveloked for that time, O to be successful about Ha, Suden ow. Theywould be absolutely wonderful. fors. I mean majority think that summer holidayis a dead period Wen engaging with prospect. I generally had he commonfitback from Clain, an questioning that what woild be the point and whybothering because it's summer holiday, inywand people are away enjoying thegreat weather, but I completely disagree because I'm a great fan ofthis period, okay, as of the good weather, but also we can do some goodopportunities sor, because in generally in Frence, actually people can spitthis period by to therod of the ear I man they can have a winter holiday forwinter sport, and then they can have another holiday during summer and Othat's. That can be like two weeks maximum, so there is no chance thateveryone will be outor off during two months. Okay, so- and also I want. Ofcourse, you will have a lot of answer and thensor call a lotsof, I mean out of office emails, but on the flip five there will be a whole HEP,MOF prospecte, who decided to stay behind, and so the prospect that tihedbehind are op, the obvious carget show okay, and so, if they answer the call,they are gilarly less busy less tressed and have more time to engage, Mor relax,Pishi exactly okay, and we can say that the concept engineer Wi engaging withpospect is generally you have induring. The year period of the year is thirtyto forty five seconds that you can have this minife conversation with e cuspect.You T certin to Sorcifi SOGOM for the rest of the year. You find them givingyou more time more Tiian. It can increase into it for that period oftime, and the positive thing here is that you got more time to have acrackin conversation with the prospect generate interest and also also to aquantify opportunities. So two things in mind here: it make a smart plentyparfor it popa this period of time, summertime and also increase the levelof activities. And if you do you do this to points, you will have a greatand fantastic outcomes. Okay, what do d the? I will come back to the level ofactivity in a minute, I'm very interested by one of the point at Yementioned: Revolts: People Te Kin. You know Atina taking two months off soyeah. If I was to ask Yu and that's probably a poception to masking you odescrib Ya, what would be the oerrage volume or three days the number of daysthat you would say an executive contact, one executive out of one of the tophundred and fifty accounts in PA, Jon Fron Switzerand, with taking time orthree days. Would you expect that to be...

...one week two weeks three weeks wet?Will a is not more than two weeks. Lai is to meek, but in Genal Youve got ifthey are on holiday. They will refeir you to the operation team yeah, andthey are more aware about the Paim that they have in the teparte. So you canhave a very good conversation with them and you can potentially have a greatoutcome of this coverstation sopertentially bounds from Ozoconversation. Wil deman Parson is net ye. Okay, that Makestha make sense. Socoming back to the increasing Tom of activity and num, I'm turning to youand en Salini is a lit of of inside Sersyea to poratic and been with USFowa Whie Tingin of it site says. Obviously you are tagetting on Ittinyour number and we don't really make a difference. If it's December Julyfougust we wan the number and our clients on the Nong Boad we attainedall the time. So you know, I think you have a quite interesting theory aboutthe people going on early day and an increasing Levelo of activities duringthe SUMMERSO. Would you migt Tust takingology an Throu, how you go aboutit with Youtim, so thisis? Quite interesting, rea. I been a bit OFAresearch before this Thars, an article Bout tels people not really believe inin prospect in Gon e Summer Month, okay, which I what I find by reason becauseOl the ecuses e were given, where you know Youe, not Gett, hold of anywherethis a waste of time, people hol at Im, not that's literally this ye thatthey're giving and we hot that got a Shitie exactly 'm babal interesting,because for us this is n opportunity for us to guildrelationship. So h we talk about incleding Ir Increasin. You knowlevelof activity. Normally our RACO for contactirs, O N tenty, three percentokay, join the summer month was dropped o about eleven percent. Okay. So so,when you say you Racio to contact just foragence, are we talking about youtrying wellwish you having a meaningful conversation with the right, Proson,yeah, okay, yeah, so from twenty three Coson to eleven yeah, almost like a atwelve person, drogking Jus Olov, I Xacan yes! So then, literally that'swhere people gite this Kis that I'm not much mog anone, but for us what we wantto do is actually increase the activity. Okay, so let's say, for instance, mytarget so take. Maybe I make maybe eight actions a batduring the summer,Mont O Ino Increasee, for maybe a hundred and TWOLV act. Okay, thatincreases the chances of me. Actually Gatin hold of sum. So do you ask yourTim to increase by twelve percent? What was the sort of KP ieally N A for tweny percent? Jity n? Ithink you know that' Thatis the best way to increase your Poe Lik. I guess,if you, if you look at it from from whathe Crim just mentioned to us, youknow the real executive would only take one weekand hard two weeks for the dayduring the summer. Yeah. If you consider there is approximate Yo be tenweeks in the summer. You know issue if you take one week in Juleand one weekin Settumbe r people are kind of you know, is ot going or coming back fromony day. That's actually twenty past of the time. Exactly so so, if we ll getyour twenty percent increase, it's actually, I guess the Wor we look at isthat well, we'de got twenty percent of the prospectway at anygeven point moreor less. Let's put twenty percent more activities and we shoul see thes sinort of froter exactly and the amount of times you would reach after someone andmaybe their own holiday, that's Uc a good opportunity to got arelationshipit okay ihers times, wher ICAU, someone who's on holiday and youthe first oftins, are apologized for that new wewe AR UE Esomin frends o.here, then I make a little Jerkin tofe country, Etactlybaeh, SF Onyou, know whaw, where you gonwhatsthe OS. How able to be there for and then normally when they're back, youknow, I saw we, a ene came high, so inowif, you remember e sput at thistime when you in Franch were doing this, so actually have a relationship withthem. You know rather thand just calling them out the blue and nothaving anything. So that's why we believe in the summer laf. We thinkthat we can increase out yeah and you see you see Tas an issue to CONECPEOPLE WAI. The way I mean. Obviously, we've got in some makecens. We may havemobide O number. We may have people responding to emails, Wai Wit, R way, Oyou see lots of people being offended...

...or noyit ar the feathers you areconplecting Mor de I mean we. Obviously you don't know a guess, but what's yourfeeling in term of the reception you get when the sot of individualsactually on the beach in the sourse of frons onjering themselves with theirkids? Well, don't normally inte SOM month, people tend to be in a core. Ihaven't really having experience where someone wahave been horrible and on thephone normall they tend to be by relax, ethe firtes Oll about how you speak toThemin. The first Ting Tokapyou know. If you fil voices, if Youre comeingcross very positive and polite, they tend to respond in that lihe manner. Sothey ill tell you a Gok, a on holiday yeah and then the nomany tend toappreciate that obviously you're doing your job and you your Prospectiv andanthingelse, so o can Ayeah they tend to Oba and with your tin you see JuJoery to switch in Tem of the type of activities. So would you say wo do moreemails, you do more Bok cors you do more social touches. Is that anactivity that you see taking a a better turn Haing a better congessionlrageryor someon monts in terms of the sume month, where we tend to focus on theemails a little bit more okay sine because, like they promention ther, youget altopotics, sometimes response where theye happen. May Bo, nomers orTAT. Okay. TAT might be a good way to get contact Alfo ten. She, the name ofFone, of DOT, even yeah, exactly yea, normally atteten, ATS Wellso. We tendto focus on email e, more, but we'r still make few call ever now and thenYo could do have them eor number, but gains all about how you approach it.Okay and coming back to you quickly from the before I move on to tether, doyou see time in the day were those French prospects? BEJOM prospects withprospect are more contactable, I would say, during the summamonths, all JOUCis exceptle as Ame as a strasion a early in the morning late in theevening I mean the early in the morning n the life and the e get the secret forthe French Mirkin, okay es. This is the time when you get the cod on the lieofany time you got to go early or es lay okay, that's it, and one good stressigythat I used to follow is to send like marketing musemails and from that youwill have response like a prospectir. They are away or who is the personreplacing him, and then you can start that we give you like a visibility yeahto work plan successfully for this or this period of Timeo, but Ma oestrategy E. I like it so moving to you now ta, so you walk very closely withthe Spanish and theintegate market who actually, from my perspective, dochange little bit. Ofothe Suven, and obviously we also knetet the curshowOndoson in the culture of this local or the locals in Spain or on Italy, isvery important to be successful. What is your perspective in Tem of thatslowdown over the sumo months? How do you Wolk with your team, to coume, toattack where you are covering countries? woctually are extremely warm during thesume and whell we would. There is some sort of the slowdown from the people inanyway. So how do you controratic in the successful in his Retaton, so rightsome people? They have the idea that officers in I pain and Iqally Day closeduring Sommer e sin, but actually will depend the business on wearing as painand utily they ar base, but if at taking the Onmons as quolidays is notallow the minority of this companies, so at least half of the stuff who mustbee Workin Myn company also encourage the t to take short breaks during thewhole year to avoid a TA, but deneral speaking, I believe that closing inagysis not onting at all. Of course, aroralistation that will be partiallyclosed. Besonn, the Ducations lecorlect university chool as much so they woillbe partially close during during that period. Then we need to be clever,unplanned beforehand, o what kind of companies we will be approaching. Yetduring that period, so my suggestion, Migh Havon Te Wul, be to focus moremental process. Lash organization manufacturing companies backing retailswould be Guce, confedeus cost exactly...

...exactly Buton the Sanga as WEU say. Wecan' cover the song with Ha Finger Yeah and there is definitely a challienduring this perio there with the vice trately. We can overcome that childenantorn in nagrate opportunity and remember the summer holiday Tos imitthat the Chol Department will be ovolua es, so they tust me. They won't go tothe beach all at the same time of during thei whole o wont be a but butthis in mine. There are also a couple of things that we need to take inconsideration when calling Italy and span during the summer time. So thefirst thing is that many companies around Spain and Italy- they are doingintensive skeater, so they are starting eary the morning. Sometimes I don'ttake breaks and they finish a tap O, so it is important if you are calling n,Spain and eat agin during summer. Time is important to cat them earlin, themore you need to adapt. Giv Me toother. We nee to Qo e Ain the Mornin to beable to catch the prospectable to catch the bright person yea. Okay, alsopeople are in Gelera in a good MoD is, as the guy say sommer is holiday, issunny and after my experience, Prosperin O relats, I'm willing to havea conversation with you, ther formore Li Ney, to say yes, andis TAT meetingis ecate Samus Friday, so many people think I wont order to call because Yehave riht but hat's a big mistake. I can tell you that actually Fridis areone of my best dates, because people are in ot, very, very good. Mit.Another great point of summer holiday is that it segoty have more time todedicate o Spomiou, solusions and attending meetings, because they areless pecy with deily. You know, requests Andely, todayty stuff. Also.Another very important point is there is a PA holiday in span and Italy,which the fifteen of Bogos, which is assumption of Mary in Spain and Feragoto in in Italy, and that we could be particularly challenging. But ithappened to me last year that e Contala comper prosper during that week and ofcourse, Idi'y know that they were on holidays or your Politis, but it wasactually quite cae to establish a first contept with them and wish them a veryholiday and then in a second hall and approach them as ing for the holidaysand that lead us to have a great of fany conversation and a manage atraidto book thet for September, so wil depend on hordy persave, the Tans, howyou percess the glass full Ca, enty or health toremand oftilistic during thesuse R accients, and we are here to create oportuities, not away for thePortunities okay. So so I guess what we say here. I'm Gonno address all of you,gays and you Mor Wan Te PTO to command. But if I was to Bo on the conversationaWisam in the room, we just can look at. You Indias Wi Beng all excited aboutthe Sumer coming, which is great against the way you made me feel likeyou are looking at it is that it's almost a opportunaty for you, becauseeveryone else don't try e everyone else doesn't actually try you. Just there is less traffic. There is lesscongestion and petentually gives you a better opportunity to actray rich theright people. It isn't the way you feel or yeah. Definitely I think going offfrom the article that I read and just a few friends that have that WorkinCelles their general idea about the summer is that they tend to take theifor the gas. So if, for anyone listening to this, you know I isagreeoportoity, because your competition at that time- they're notworking ass at so what Bett opportunityy do you have then on no meto take advantage of that? So that's we anemat to carry on yea gon, be e kindof upset a at Peo to believe that the so holyday we were stulk in Europe,Thas, probably bettoffolread, yes, okay, that makes sense in term of the way youmanage teworlls of your respective team or you managedthe expectation of your team because, obviously, as you said, you know, youare very optimistic, but you need to to manage the expecttion. Is there anyspecific Tipsau with give tologies in regard of yoowincentive that you couldrun during the smel anything that you...

...could do on top of the of the ordinaryto keep the team excited and e give up because again, thispate everything waresaying you still make peception from what your says that you still need tohave the mind that youwl have successful, Youul Hav success Y A so.How do you drive that and is that inti that you woul like to show it audienceon stories of what you de in the Pasetwher you seen success yeah. So, for instance, you could double theincentive that you normally ynan normal er yeah, so, for instance, in thesummertime. If understand that, obviously some of my team might have Bil a rold op with with the Sumer aswell. They might think oone of them te o people anything else. The first youwant to do is just motipitn, like you said, get them in the right mindset,yeah and then the second thing you want to be incentiveis em. So, for instance,if you normally can pain x amount, if you range a meet, you can go with thatamount, for instance, or maybe they can have an extra day off on a Friday ifthey reach thei target forthere's lot e things that you can do, but I think themost important thing is just preparing your team's mindset for the summer.Okay, Gan Im in the right mind that this is a great opportunity. One of thebiggest reason is because your competition is asleep because ey noworkness AP, O Ake Ainstay, asleep competition yeah. What about you ladysany anyt that you will like to show anythings that you've done in the bestto get your team going during the Sono? Yes, so portheotelling what TM SI saidbecause they would start early in the morning also they woild be able toleave maybe early ther afteron as well yeah. So that's a great things for them.So, as we know in UK, we have long days doring summer tize. So it's great s tobe able to leave at thre thirty yeand, then half the chole afternoon to dowhatever you want to do, and also we have a lot of incensitin place that wehave Otybativ profers. We to try to motivate the team to get more meetingSadt during summer time Aslon. So we have asiety momete of the place irexactly oeatly Mormitis to take place. During summer time we had the survivorice leter with Ige Olso a month ago, starting Durin. You know this period.It was very, very good, very successful when we are trying to do. You knowdifferent kind of incentive, every Monei'j, or doing that also Dori summertime, to increase the activity and to motivy people even more okay, robote co,you good, okay, Yo com is good. The same incentive, actuall e, ight, okay,O this whol sort, o topic, and I do think,like you, gays, basically a and that's one of the reason why we want you t torun the tatibuild of the podcast is because there is a misconception fromour clients, even Europe and clients. You know- and it's funny, because I wasactually told by Your French prospects- that there is nothing happening infrost during the summer. So my first question that prospect was okay, so I'nacsully theare you taking this fomot and it's why I'm actually that goingthis sae. I said: okay, what about Yourself Tamess? What we've got one ofour sel hats, thresers people in frops, not one of the sursgayjust to woneWekin, a Aden O fogust. So as well. So, basically you guys will be tere doingnothing and she tood me. No! No! We won't be doing nothing, but what I'msaying is that is, is very difficult and basically through the conversationand that company as well, was in the Sapo situraty space, okay. So the mynext series of question was around hackes leting ti off. You think youthink the people will come and Traih to Toasacyo organization to thecoliday. Doyou think they just relact or do you think they will see it as a weakness,because you've got less people to attack you NTHE, okay and, I think, I'strue fabsolutely everything you know. I do believe that there is veti course.While you will eveus go down and as that could be a govenment ledorganization, education, setual, you know, Yoe, theTEC, Te tk take a bit of time off, but as the same at Christmas, if you lookat Christmas, you have retay taking a bit of Hey didno't, take a time of, butthey actually a such a busy paer that you can't do anything with them at soyou know from Black Friday to order...

Riton the death to deal with. InJanuary you confleted the retain for two or three months. So I think, for me,is a question of Sisonality, an and and Watte like the most in what you gaysare saying today and inth. The tilers you are sharing is the far that it'sit's full about being prepared, yesand, it's all about the minorset and I thinklots of people have the mindset, because they've been told rather andactually trying and discovery that they could be successful. So I'l say youknow long. Would it ban MORWILL IT liave l right yeah, because the morepeople believe that the MOE will be able to do a greatop during the summer.Now? What I would like to change is the mainset of some of our clients,obviously, and is such a critica time of the year, because, if you thinkabout it, if you're walking in a calenda Phiscadeer, you are getting toyour six months kind of plaine frame and as we know, our clients would havesad. Islikewes wild, be minimums three mounths up to six nine twelve months.So if you want to get your chances to Crosedi during this fiscaleer Weyou'vegot to get actily uring the summer Ye d and don't wait now. The last TIG that Iwould say is that I think for what we do, which is prospecting engaging wishprospective generating the pipepland. Finding interrist, etc, etc. I thinkit's a great time. I think it's a much more chalenging time when it comes toactually plosing business because we need to pros business. You probablyneed to engage with lots of people fromprocurment to decision, make you tobudget and it's a cussion of ating everybody available, and I think youknow Weyour lot of our can struggling to get did coe during the summer, sothey may have to wait for sitom o Oo to actually get the Poseoldou, but clearlyforwart Wedo. You don't want to wait, because if you wait at minute you willhave absolutely nothing to do in September and then he's going Na dePadic and Padick is devowite desedes. So it's about keeping a consistentlevel of, I believe it's about keeping a consistent level of paperand comingin so yeah Iseo Grom, with you, gays, exact and even last pint back to youknow, epim earl about people being told o thing, so they tend to so take up.THEFOR YEAH! I is a similar thing to Christmas porins, where Yo theChristmas period, people like Oh people on holiday. You Know Etendo Relif Ha bomuch exactly, and even with that, there's two other ways around it. Sowhat what Howeer, tels, okay so Christmas? Maybe that might be treeaion,not GE, hol people. So what about the other regions at Beno Thei? You canmeach up to them. So there's always something that you can os and othing onof the FE other mentions are on Friday. Yo Know, O forget Friday is like aProbyaan hes like a Meni summer. Yes, everybody sto working bas, perfect, andI think the maindset is that, instead of being very active amonday morningwhen people are probably coming into, theof is NUC in a great good withlotsof things to do with Hus of stress always think they catchi a on Friday,afternoom Wut, thear, potentially pushing back to next week all the thingthat they come to this week, its probably the best time and that's whatI was doing. The job of prospecting for for clients, from Wer of myself by theway Il Bear for foporatics always been extremely successful on Friday and forthe same reason that you describ about the subvice, because nooneese is trying.I nee for in a good mood pace of onding yourself go and walk a little bit outerand you're going to collect you fototha people ar never, but also you Wy, NagMo. There is a psychologist behind that. So when you are poing, they can feelthat Adan. Then you will be able to pote that guy r bout, this Boti abouthow you approach theme, is about how you feel during the coli Hav tisabout.Your intonation is about a lot of things. So there is a psychologistbekap behind that as Wellwew TESW wiow Fridays Wel love the summer and we loveChristmas t so Soton Giv fo much fo for your taing guys. I mean a lots of veryinteresting insight. Lets of very exotic accents around the table, aswiwe maymy have to put some stital for...

Gne. Her, I think it was very US- wasbit of a presth of Freshas well to listen to you and Owpositiv. You areabout the summer mouth now, Alen, I'm coming back to you. One of the Vios Vido Youk of thePODCAST is. If people wants to take the conversation away, they may have aninsittest in theselv. They may have a salstem thats. They may have may be.You sels does on themselves finding it difficult during the summer. So ifthose individual wants to carry on the conversation with Oporotics, what isthe best way to get hold of yourself or to get all of oporatics in general todiscuss out to strive in the summer one of the best ways just to go to by thewebsite TB be the Rede opratic Stot net yeah. You can follow me on Linkten aswell. Alan is AEAN, no Antin Fay and so absolutely nee to make that D, and then you jut contact me on Linktinand I'll be more than happy to help. FO, your Alen and your son, Amis BirstMansmas, like the best man, thatwas man, Asm, plying Asa, think uper adics has redefined the meaning ofrevenue generation for technology companies worldwide, while thetraditional concepts of building and managing inside sales teams in househas existed for many years. Companies are struggling with the lack of focus,agility and scale required in today's fast and complex world of enterprisetechnology sales see Ow operatics can help your company accelerate pipelineat operatics, dot net you've been listening to B, to b revenueacceleration to ensure that you never miss an episode subscribe to the showin your favorite podcast player. Thank you so much for listening until nexttime.

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