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45: The Myth of the European Summer Holidays w/ Operatix International Team


Business in Europe basically just shuts down during the summer.


It’s the worst-kept secret in B2B that you can actually make a ton of great connections with Europeans during summertime--if you know the right way to handle it.

Today, we’re chatting with the Operatix International Team: Ada Amato, Head of International, Ikram Yousfi, Head of France, and Allen Bossman, Inside Sales.

The team has all the insider tips about how to have a productive summer and keep your team from being idle in September.

You were listening to bb revenue acceleration, a podcast dedicated helping software executive stay on the cutting edge of sales and marketing in their industry. Let's give into the show. Hi, welcome to be to be a revenue acceleration. My name is Lanui, and today have some very special guests on the show which are part of your products team. Actually, we've got Adam at all out of international e crime, US fee out of France, and Allen Bostment and of insight sales at operatic. So first of all, welcome to the show, guys. Thank yeah, so today the topic of the conversation, which is quite seasonal, is around the misconception of all the myth of the European sum holiday and the fact that people do believe that in Europe we tend to shut down when the summer come. So I wanted to start with you, a crime. You are obviously a French speaking lady. You cover the French market, the Belgium markets with Zerland, and I hear often, being French, that the French do stop walking for approximityly two months during the summer. So if you could share a bit of your experience around that, but also I do believe that last summer was actually got successful for you. So if you could share some of the the tips and the learning that you developed over time to be successful about the summer, that would be absolutely wonderful. Of course. I mean the majority think that summer holidays at that period were engaging with process. I generally had the common feedback from clients questioning that one would be the point and why bothering? Because it's summer holiday in laying people are away enjoying the great weather. But I completely disagree, because I'm a great fan of this period of the good weather. But also we can do some good opportunities because in generally, in France actually, people can split this period by two period of the year. I mean they can have a winter holiday for winter sports and then they can have another holiday during summer, and that's that can be like two weeks maximum. So there is no chance that everyone will be out or off during two months. Okay. So, and also I want, of course, you will have a lot of answer and answered call, a lot of I mean out of obvious emails. But on the flip side, there will be a whole heat of prospect who decided to stay behind and so the prospect that stayed behind are of the obvious targets. Okay. And so if they answer the call, they are generally less busy, less stressed and have more time to engage, more relax physically. Exactly. Okay, and we can say that's the concept. Engineer, while engaging with prospect is generally you have in during the year, the period of the year is thirty two, forty five seconds that you can have the sniffer conversation with a caustic Sarty, two sorcifie staging. For the rest of the year, you find them giving you more time, more tess can increase indeed for the period of time, and the positive thing here is that you got more time to have a cracking conversation with the prospect, generate interest and also also to qualify opportunity. So two things in mind here. It make a smart plan, prepare for it, prepared this period of time, summer time, and also increase the level of activities. And if you do, you do this two points, you will have a great and fantastic outcomes. Okay, what I will come back to the level of activity in a minute. I'm very interested by one of the points, as you mentioned about people taking actually not taking two months off. So yes, if I was to ask you, and that's probably a per section of amersking you to to to describe you, what would be the average volume of fully days or the number of days that she would say, an executive contact or an executive out of one of the top under and fifty accounts in Belgium, front swit Zeland would take in time...

...of three days? Would you expect that to be one week, two weeks, three weeks? What will always not more than two weeks? Maximum is two weeks. But in general you've got if they are on holiday, they will refer you to the operation team. Yeah, and they are more aware about the pain that they have in the departments. So you can have a very good conversation with them and you can potentially have a great outcome of face conversation. Because so, but then she bounced from other conversational dement person. Isn't it yet? Okay, that makes that make sense. So, coming back to the increasing time of activity and them, I'm turning to you. And then so I len is Ahid of off insight CERSIA operatics and being with us for quad to whid and being enough its site sales. Obviously you are targetting on eating your number and we don't fully make a difference if it's December, July, August. We want the number and our clients from the number to be attained or all the time. So you know, I think you have a quite interesting theory about the people going on a lea day and increasing level of activities during the summers. woould you mind just technologience through how you go about it with your team? So it's quite interesting. Way A bit a bit of research before this. That's an article about tells people not really believe in in prospects in journal Summer Months, okay, which which are found quite amazing because some of the excuses that were given where you know, you know get hold of anywhere. That's a waste of time. People are hold that don't know. That's literally this. Yeah, they're giving and we've got that good to shoot out exactly how. But it's quite interesting because for us this is an opportunity for us to build relationship. So when we talk about including increasing level of activity, normally our ratio for contacts around twenty three percent, okay, join the summer months with dropped to about eleven percent. Okay. So so when you say you ratio to contact just for Alogians, are we talking about you trying Valsus, you having a meaningful conversation with the right problem? Okay, yeah, so from twenty three percent to eleven peri yeah, almost like a twelve percent dropping just off of exactly. Yes. So then, literally that's where people give this calls that are not much, not to one. But for us, what we want to do is, as an increase the activity. Okay. So let's say, for instance, my target is, I think maybe I make maybe eighty actions a bay during the summermount of its. Increase that to maybe a hundred and Tas. Okay. That increases the chances of me actually again hold of some. So do you ask your team to increase by twelve percent? What was the sort of Kpas you wally? Try and aim for twenty percent. Twenty percent, okay, I think you know that's the best way to increase your pipeline. I guess if you if you look at it from a from what you crime just mentioned to us, which is, you know, the real executive, we only take one week and have two weeks, lady, during the summer. Yeah, if you consider there is a proximatively ten weeks in the summer. You know, if you if you take one week in June and when we can September or people are kind of you know, he is a going or coming back for Moneiday. That's actually twenty percent of the time ex actually. So if we look at your twenty percent increase, it's actually, I guess the way would look at is, I will we'd got twenty percent of the prospect away at any given point more or less. So let's put twenty percent more activities and we should see the center of the furs exactly and the amount of times you would reach out to someone and maybe they're on holiday. That's as a good opportunity to go to relationship with them. Okay, so friends is the Times where I've called someone who's on holiday and you know, the first on things are apologized for that. You know, where are you then? Am I'm in friends or I'm here. Then I'll make a little jokey, different country exactly, a prize peace for country. You know what where you going, what's the course? How I'm going to be there for and then normally when they're back, you know, I saw reach out to them again high so I've rememberies, but at this time where you in France, we were doing this. So I actually have a relationship with them, you know, rather than just calling them out of the blue and not having anything. So that's why we believe in the summer months, we think that we can increase art show. Okay, and you see, do you see it as an issue to contact people way their way? I mean, obviously we've got in some extense. We may have more bile for a number. We may have people responding to emaiage weight our where do you see a lot of people...

...being offended or on know it, at the faders you are contacting? Well, do I mean we? Obviously you don't know, I guess. But what's your feeling in come of the reception you get when the sort of individuals actually on the beach in the hours of France undering themselves with a kids? Well, don't normally, and some of these people tend to be in a good mood. I haven't really having experience where someone was been horrible angry on the phone. Normally they tend to be quite relaxed. And the first all about how you speak to them in the first you know if your voices, if you come across very positive and polite, they tend to respond in the like manner. So they will tell you on holiday. Yeah, and the normally tend to appreciate the obviously you do in your job and your prospect and everything else you can. Yeah, they tend to become might be balance and with your team, do you see you do you operate to switch in some of the type of activities? So would you say you do more emails, you do more more calls, you do more social touches. Is there an activity that you see taking a better turn, a having a better congression, ragery or summer months? In terms of some months? Well, we tend to focus on emails a little bit more, okay, simply because, like the premention that you get out of opis sometimes response whether have the mable numbers on there. Okay, I might be a good way to get contact, UN potentially the name of a no doubt. Yeah, exactly. A normally at the time to do that as well. So we tend to focus on email and more, but we're still make a few call every now and then. You could. You have the mabe number. But against all about how you approach it. Okay, and coming back to you quickly from before I move on to other do you see a time in the day we're doing French prospects, Benjim prospect Swiss prospect are more contactable, I would say during the summer months or juice is exactly the same as as traditionally. Early in the morning, late in the evening. I mean the early in the morning, late in the evening, is the secret for the French market. Okay, because this is the time when you get picked the right of any time. You got to go early, all its late. Okay, that's it. And one good rust with you that I used to follow is to sound like marketing my emails, and from that you will help response, like a prospect that they are away or who is the person replacing him, and then you can start that. We give you like a visibility, yeah, to working plan successfully for this song for this period of time. Okay, that makes sense, a strategice. I like it. So moving to you NOWADA. So you work very closely with the Spanish and detailate market, who actually for my perspective to change little bit over the summer, and obviously we also know that the culture on the something the culture of this local of the locals in Spain or Italy is very important to be successful. What is your perspective in time of that slowdown over the summer months? I'll do you work with your team to counter attack. Well, you are covering countries what a truly are extremely warm during the summer and where we would know there is some sort of the slowdown from the people anyway. So I'll do you contact. It can be successful in this regas so write some people. They have the idea that offices in Spain and Italy Day close during summer time, but actually with the pain the business and weariness, pain and utility air base, but in fact taking the horn months as as holidays is not allowing the manority of these companies. So at least half of the stuff must be working, and company also encourage the team to take short breaks during the whole year to avoid okay, but generally speaking, I believe that closing analysis no common thing at all. Of course, their organization that will be partially closed, especially in the ducation sector, like university schools. So there will be partially closed during during that period. But then we need to be clever and planned beforehand on what kind of companies would will be approaching? Yeah, during that period. So my suggestion macropomdation, would be to focus more on enterprises, lash organization, manufacturing companies, banking, retails. will be gudge companies to exactly exactly. But...

...on the same note, as you say, we can't cover the song with a finger. Yeah, and there is definitely a challenge during this period there with their rise strategy. We can overcome that challenge and turning in a great opportunity. And remember that summer holidays doesn't mean that the whole department will be on holidays. Yes, so they trust me, they won't go to the beach all at the same time or during the whole months. That won't be possible. But but this in mind, there are also a couple of things that we need to take in consideration when calling Italy and Spain during the summertime. So the first thing is that many companies around Spain and Italy they are doing intensive scale, so they're starting are in the morning, sometimes they don't take breaks and they finish a three PM. Okay, so it is important if you are calling Spain and Italy during summertime, it's important to call them early in the more you need to adapt. You need to all that. You need to call them around the morning to be able to catch the prospects. They would to catch the right person. Yeah, okay. Also, people are in general in a good mood. Is, as the guy say, summer is holiday, is sunny and, as for my experience, Prosper and more relax and we need to have a conversation with you. There for more likely to say yes and a second meeting. It's exactly the same as Friday. So many people think I want border to call because you're right, but it does a big mistake. I can tell you that actually, Fridays are one of my best days because people are in a very, very good much. Another great point of summer holiday is that it is secody have more time to dedicate US grow new solutions and attending meetings because they are less busy with daily, you know, request and daily the daily stuff. Also, another very important point is there is a holiday in Spain and Italy which is the fifteen of Bogos, which is assumption of Mary in Spain and fair able stop in in Italy. Is and that will could be particularly challenging, but it happened to me as year, that they contact a copper prosper during that week and of course I didn't know that they were on holiday. So I apologies, but it was actually quite good to establish a first contact with them and wish them a very holiday and then in a second call and approach them asking for the holidays, and that lead us to have a great, a friendly conversation and I managed a tray to book them for September. Say we depend on how you perceive the things, how you perceive the glass full of empty or health to remain optimistic during the Suskas ex sense, and we are here to create a vertunity. Is Not a way for the portunities. Okay, so I guess what we say and I'm going to address all of you guys, and you wanted, wanted pit to commend, but if I was to Bodom the conversation of Vishem in the room, we just I can look at you Indias with being all excited about the summer coming, which is great. I guess the way you make me feel like you're looking at it is that it's almost an opportunity for you, because everyone else don't try, everyone else doesn't actually try. You just are there is less traffic, there is less congestion and pot actually gives you a better opportunity to agree reach the right people. Is that the way you feel or yeah, definitely. I think, going off from the article that I read and just a few friends that have that work, the cells been general idea about the summer is that they tend to take that for the gaps. So for anyone listening to this, you know is a great opportunity because your conversation at that time they're not workness heart. So what better opportunity do you have a moment to take advantage of that. So That's we want the myth to carry on. Yeah, we'll be there. kind of that right to be. We want people to believe that the sunlit day we will start in Europe. That's probably better for us. Yes, okay, that makes sense. And in some of the way you manage d wells of your respective team or you manage the expectation of your team because obviously, as you said, you know you are very optimistic, but you need to manage the expection. Is there any specific teams that you would give to alogience in regard of, you know, incentive that you could...

...run during the summer, anything that you could do on top of the of the ordinary to keep the team excited and not give up because, again, despite everything was saying, you still my perception from what you're saying, that you still need to have the mindset that you would have successful you will have success. So I'll do you drive that and he's there any teams that you would like to show with a augience on stories of what you can in the past or you've seen success? Yeah, so, for instance, you could double the incentive that you normally doing a normal work yeah. So, for instance, in the summer time, if I understand that. Obviously some of my team might have a bit of a road up with whether summers all. They might think a one of them the hole people. Anything else. The first thing you want to do is just motivate, like you said, get them in the right mindset. Yeah, and then the second thing you want to do incenter by them. So, for instance, if you normally can paid x amount, if you arrange a meeting you can go with that amount, for instance, or maybe they can have an extra day off on a Friday if they reach the target for yeah, there's little things that you can do, but often the most important thing is just preparing your team's mindset for the summer. Okay, again, I'm in the right mind that this is a great opportunity. One of the biggest reasons because your competition is asleep, because they know workness as take advantage of stay asleep competition. Yeah, or about you, lad isn't anything that you would like to show, anything that you've done in the best to get your team going during the summer? Yes, so for the moteling, what team? As I said, because they will start are in the morning. Also, they will be able to leave maybe are in their afternoon as well. Yes, so that's a great things for them. So, as you know, in UK we have long days during summer tie. So it's great just to be able to leave at three thirty and then half the whole afternoon to do whatever you want to do. And also we have a lot of incentive in place. So we have a Normati much you raffles. So we do try to motivate the team to get more meeting side during summer time as well. So we have insightingmometing to take place. You're exactly. Exactly more meeting is to take place during summer time. We had the survivor Icelet that we did also a month ago, starting during, you know, this period. It was very, very good, very successful. When we are trying to do, you know, different kind of incentive everyone, I'm th are doing that also during summer time, to increase the activity and to motivate people even more. Okay. Well, what you clime? You good. Okay, income is good, the same instantive, actually, sense is right. Okay, the reward war. Your thoughts on this whole sort topic, and I do think like you guys. Basically, I and that's one of the reason why we want you to run the episode of the Podcast, is because there is a misconception from our clients, even Europe and clients, you know. And and it's funny because I was actually told by Your French prospects that there is nothing happening in fence during the summer. So my first question that prospect was, okay, so I'm a surely they are you taking this amount? And it's what I'm actually that going this summer. I said, okay, what about yourself steam as well? We've got one of our selves get. That's three sells people in France. Now one of these selves get, just took one week in at the end of focused so as about. So basically, you guys will be there doing nothing, and she told me, no, no, we won't be doing nothing. But what I'm saying is that is very difficult and basically through the conversation, and that company as well was in the same or security space. Okay, so the main next series of question was around hackles. They take time off. You think you think the people as will come and try to attact your organization to take holiday? Do you think they just flect or do you think they will see it as a weakness because you've got less people to attack you there? Okay, and I think it's true for absolutely everything you know. I do believe that there is verticals, while you will have us flow down and as that could be a governmental and organization, education sector. You know, obviously the take they take up to take a bit of time off, but that's the same as Christmas. If you look at Christmas, you will have retail taking a bit of it. They don't take a time of but the actually was such a busy Pario that you can do anything with them. That's so. You know from Black Friday to all the return that...

...they have to deal with in January. You can't plete to the retail for two last three months. So I think for me is a question of seasonality and and and what I like the most in what you guys are saying today and in the team that you are sharing is the fact that it's it's all about being prepared. Yes, and it's all about the mindset. And I think lots of people of the mindset because they've been told rather than actually trying and discovering that they could be successful. So I'll say, you know, long would it Bein? Long will it leave? All right, yeah, because the more people believe that the mode will be able to do a great job during the summer. Now, but I would like to change is the main set of some of our clients, obviously, and it's such a critical time of the year because, if you think about it, if you're working in a calendar fiscal year, you are getting to your six months kind of time frame and, as we know, our clients would have cells psychlis will be minimums three mounts up to six, nine twelve months. So if you want to get your chances to close the deal during this fiscal year, or you've got to get actively during the summer and and and don't wait now. The last thing that I would say is that I think for what we do, which is prospecting, engaging with prospected, generating the pipeline, finding interest, etcuter for etc. I think it's a great time. I think it's a much more changing time when it comes to actually closing business, because we need to close business. You probably need to engage with lots of people from procurement to decision make your to budget, and it's a question of having everybody available. And I think you know, we see a lot of crimes struggling to get deep close during the summer. So they may have to wait for symptomber to or to actually get the Bosher's order. But clearly, for what we do, you don't want to wait because if you wait a minute you will have absolutely nothing to do in September and then he's going to be panic and panic is never good itselves. So it's about keeping a consistent level of I believe it's about keeping a consistent level of bye braine coming in. So yeah, innocence. I agree with you guys exactly, and even whilst bring back to you know pretty earlier about people being told things that they tend to so take up for yeah, is similar things to Christmas, for instance, where during the Christmas period people are like old people on holiday, you know, etens realize ability, much better mood exactly. And even with that, there's two other ways around it. So work what how I lot? It's okay, so Christmas. Maybe that might be really not the whole people. So what about the other regions? Happens in the yeah, you can reach out to them. Be There's always something that you can do. Use always something to do that and I think one of the thing that a dimensions around Friday. You know, you to forget Friday is like a ride off. He's like a mini summer. Yeah, everybody stopped working. What's perfect, and I think the mindset is that, instead of being very active on Monday morning, when people are probably coming into yourthe is not in the great wood with lots of things to do with that's of stressed. Always think that catching up on Friday afternoon, when that potentially pushing back to next week all the things that they can do this week, is probably the best time. And that's when I was doing the job of prospecting for clients on behalf of myself, by the way, being for protects always been extremely successful on Friday and for the some reason that you describe about the summer is because no one else is trying and eple are in a good mood. So it's of njering yourself. Go and walk a little bit harder and you're going to collect your foot. Of that. People are in neboold but also do while never astly. There is a psychologist behind that. So when you are calling, they kind of feel that as well, and then you will be able to book that guy. It's about it's about us, about it too. is about how you approach them, is about how you feel during the coal you have, is about your intonation, is about a lot of things. So there is a psychologist. We can behind that as well. Wow, that's what we love Fridays, we love the summer and we love Christmas. So so, thank you very much for your telling guys. I mean lots of very interesting insight, lots of very exotic accents around the table as well. As we...

...may have we may have to put some subtitle for some of audience here, but I think it was very useful. It was a bit of a breath of fresh as well to listen to you, and I'll positive you are about the summer amounts. Now, Alan, I'm coming back to you. One of the Videt do aton of the podcast is if people want to take the conversation away, they may have an insight cell stain their selves. They may have a sells team theirselves, they may have they maybe yourselves person themselves finding it. Think you're during the summer. So if do this individual wants to carry on the conversation with operatics, what is the best way to get rid of yourself all, to get rid of operatics in general, or to discuss how to strive in the summer? One of the best ways just too good. Through the website www dotnet. Yeah, you can follow me on Linkedin as well, Alan and nomally, people say, and so absolutely to make that day and then it. Just contact me on Linkedin and I'll be more than happy to help. See You Allen, and you also name is bus my double sma and yes, like the bus man. What think? You very much real time gays today. Thank you. operatics has redefined the meaning of revenue generation for technology companies worldwide. While the traditional concepts of building and managing inside sales teams inhouse has existed for many years. Companies are struggling with a lack of focus, agility and scale required in today's fast and complex world of enterprise technology sales. See How operatics can help your company accelerate pipeline at operatics dotnet. You've been listening to be tob revenue acceleration. To ensure that you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time,.

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