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53: Protecting Culture During Growth w/ Thibaut Ceyrolle


All companies say, “We have a culture,” but that’s not really true.

Some companies are just a workplace.

(Which could be why Millennials keep switching jobs--because they’re looking for an authentic culture.)

I got to interview Thibaut Ceyrolle, GVP EMEA at Snowflake, about why old leadership is broken and what it means to hire based on culture.

“You have companies that will focus only on execution and numbers,” he said. “You have companies that now are focusing on culture. And you have companies that can combine the two without being fake.”

You're listening to be to B RevenueAcceleration, a podcast dedicated helping software executives stay on thecutting edge of sales and marketing in their industry. Let's get into the show hi welcome to be to be a revenueacceleration. My name is Olyam Miti and I'm yer today with tibose all VPMEA atsnofflake. How are you today Toble, I'm very good things and the reap to attendyour podcast? How are you Orion and by the Wayr Tink, your English accent isway Betoestan, mind, fom. What I A it's a shame that we are recording apodcast. We won't be able to to give out the ansubtitle on that one. We try to STIAK quickly. I do have lotof French clients and business partners, and sometimes we know that when we getexcited, we can speak very quickly in English. So let's Tra to let's Treahthat get too excited, but there you go so Tebo. Today we want to speak about.The old leadership is broken as e to Paat. You selected today, and I thinkit's an interesting one. It's thinked, an article that you possit on link tinis destructive, is exactly what we like, but before we get into the topic, wouldyou please just introduce yourself quickly to AU gence as well as thecompany your epresent Noff Lake Show O in a couple of frogs, so my name isSebosa. Also I'm French, but I live in the UK for five years now leading thefount me organization and software. So I started working for us. No flickingmatch two thousand and seventeen I'm working for those of Twunis tre now forofthree twenty years with Defento leadership positions and threecompanies like as Abos with digital marketing, software COMPANI, TC,software or or HB. So conflex is the fells that AAR that aows that has beenbuilt for the cloud so sink and build for the cloud so for people are notfamiliar about. What that Iwas is doing is where you stirm, and when you, whereyou will process your Deta, it's like and in Gin Foraca, so were where youwill have. So we are not a Visitalyo shoulnt tool we ane to Ba to, but theyneed to access to Anatix tetabase, and this is wot. Notlike is doing so weAnto them and just make this simple. I tried to take the enenergy of sell fose.What they did on sm Orsel is now what they did on Sedis management, the wellsolution, seemd for the cloud and they became Sotion de factor. They were themost dishoptiver and this is what we trye to do for the market of that ouse.So I was a filt encluy outside the US, so it's a company based in Sun, Mateo,coaps or Prociss, and so first employee. I started alone in a very small ofis insmall way, work and easis activity from ther. We are now in Europe for intwoehals enough to orlid people, tentendy, Fou, countraes and, and so the company is procussing itfast. So we have we HAVEA RUL OF FI three weeks company wider and we are.We are forlled possems of Gross Yogo yeah for Emia, and we just signed thatwere three on Grad cestoil yesterday. So it was a wil install retation, guys,anyo Y conretulation to the company and to you you know, starting on your owntohundred people. Now it's it's protably impressive, so yeah,it's a fantastic jenitabol! So, coming back to the topic of the conversationand as I mentioned the article at we Qote our attention on Linktin youilihethrough your expirence that companies needs to adapt the management style,especially you know fast, growing, startup and clearly, as by yourintroduction, you are in a very fast graing, starter, okay D and One of thestatements that caught my attention was that an a coach you, a company culture,is out to put to protect during growth.

So can I pis? U You to elaborate into wwhat you mean by that statements and also how do you fay to company what theCompani should do in order to protect that curshow during growth yeah? So, asI said, a'm working in this bace for like for like twenty year, so I went tomany companies and I have an extensive network on Softcarl companie. So whatyou see right now is on the market. You pree kind of of companies, it's notonly software, but it's in general, but many for software and I go grosscompanies. You have companies that we focus only on execution and number ofso this busie stategy. You have companies that now are focussing Morn,Futureo Cultur and you have ral companies that can so. This is a selfcategory that can combine the two without being fake because the prolemof future or ither Everybodyi saying I have a cupturl with it an O, necessaryareally and- and I think that's one of the reasons I choose to start workingfor onflict Wase, because they were able to combine the Tuth he rightexecution and the wrigt you job. So most of the time the porlem occurs withgrows and and like of good behavior and unfortunately this can come. Fom Yosell people. So so you you can, with the experience I have on this onthispeciic market, it's very importtiv the bad be or can come from Thi hellside, because they are Ange of Suxteen F of for success, and they want to makesure that the they will do the more that they can do and sometimes theythink about themselves instead of thinking about the company. So thefirst thing is t e Cuton needs to come from the top with humber leaders, it'svery important, so the umidity is some singer. exteming bottoms that alsoattracted me in these companies. It's coming from O R, our fonders therextremene Hambel, and they tried to tend to apply as this in the in thecompany and to Fel, seing and preotes. That you need to have is a quality ofhiring because the cultural is depending on the people you hire, andso advise is to never compromise on IRINGM and when I start Iden, I trid toput a in place what I call a no asolar POTC IRIN. So when dos it mean it meansthat I want to make sure that you guys. We have plenty of deffent men and womenare coming from Defomo organizations, but we are trying to make sure thattheyare not selfish, only thinking about themselves. They don't not onlycome for the money, but thealso good people for the team and for the team orstuff. When we doin Vew, we ask a lot of exam. For example, I ask somequestions: reoning example of Intigrity digitys eets for Mesers wit, first,what it is that people needs to have- and I ask examples and during it duringthe brings into you, Pocesson and also reganing the team work and and afterthat we backed with with like three of four four reforns, but we need to bereastic. It's tough, it's a ARD job when you hire and he show you when youhire on Bo people and and everybody can can do mistakes, and I did it and themore you grow the more difficult it is because you meet so many people andsometimes the human nature or you can get Goln off, and you can think okay,this guy, as an extensive network you will. It will bring me a lot of dealsshotdown, but I have something in my ged that is not necessary, necessarygood, and I is something that you will always pay back that you, after so onceson. Try to think is when they meet people is if there is one dept, thereis no dut, and this is something quite quite important and to make surethat Wel when you hire somebody Intel IOU needs to be Sinder. So it's aSimgle Casation as soon as as it complex. It's quit agree. I think Ithink one of the ved is interesting. So if I look at at what we trying to do atoporatic, so we don't grow as quickly...

...as you guys grow. Think we wouldstruggle if we are growing by Li almost three ex Yearon ye, but we also have this business weare peopleled business and obviously, as we grow, if we grow by fifty percent or if wegrow by hundred persents Wel have to double the team, or you know, arf ofthe tmontop of what we've already got and what we always try to say or whatwe try to do. What actually? What's the most important for me, is ready tospeak to people who are looking for career thes is a job and- and I think,if theyare looking at the carrier and when you have the chance to be anorganization like yours, with evolving, very quickly, sheup of Ar Space onorganization like us, which would like to believe, is growing quickly in thein the segment we operating in. You don't have te Opostumey to create apossinity for promotion and people then get promoted to roles. Ey can take onmore responsibilities. They can really develop themselves and that's whatwe've done heacoporitics and I think I'd like to say- and maybe I won't giveThi pay my team on saying that but I' like t say that we created a verystrong culture, but that culture has come at a cast which is maybe we haveSloughton our growth, maybe would have been quicker for me to not promote thatGaye to a manageou position but get a manager- that's I don't know as the MBAin inseut and marketing and could comewith lots of Ires for expiens and cosmulital bit more money. So you knowif we've really made the decision to really promote from Wilin and actuallyapart from our finance department, absolutely everyone in the managementeam as come from the bottom, and we do believe that t that create a verystrong culture inded. But you know the cost of that is probably a little bitof a slower Crowth, a little bit more floarning by mistake. But you know, Ithink culture O, like you painted, is very important for Thogroshofa companyand the Rastpiter will make, which you know to wrop up. The topic is, I think,O show is also important when you've got a new comer into the team. So ifyou have a team that you've got the same level of people the same as youmentioned, level of integrity, humility, people, we've got a good level of team,walk and you've got a new starter coming in you've got someone wo justcome into a lovely environment where they can really benefit walk with thatcolliague learn from that codigue and I think that's actually pretty cool in inhelping new startus to really get going and get to revenue quicker, yeahts, avery good point to your point, to no things that he was that they tri totuse and one of my pavusmen DOF, say and hey and will remember Thi all mylife, Hes Neywil confuse a title and an opportunity, and this is something that,especially with new genenation right now, the the teme to go af Tel youethetitle instead of Es Yopportunity too quick. This is SOMOO, remember andagree with you. Yeu Know I had the conversation actually yesterday wis oneof our clients and were the condultion about promoting videa people. So youknow people just doing pipe and generation a sort of activities tofeelselves ripe or to Chanral sels rat, ECCETR, Etca and and basically, what we what we talked about is there is achange in tem of the Mentarit, and some people call them the million yorls somepeople. I would just create a younger generation, you know and what we usedto see in the past. You could get somehene and say: Look you're Goinna goand do that for me for three months: six months, if you do well, I'm goingTa, give you the title, I'm going to give you the paing chrase and of you go.You know, you're going to be you're, going to be a new person, and that wasworking pretty well, and people who actually walk really out to get to theMILESTO and to actually get the opportunity. Now. The feeling that I'vegot is that you go to people and you almost need to give them the role thepay package and everything before they can even demonstrate the ability oftaking care of the responsibilities. So I think there is, I think, you'reperfectly right there is. There is a...

...bit of a shift of mindset, sometimeswithin younger generation, which can make decision a little bit moredifficult because, obviously, if someone has prevent themselves, isbuteasier to give them responsibility rather than someone who's, justspeaking about being good, basically yeah. U The only things that I want tosay because I don't like when people are ar bashing o too much milion els.Why? Because I think this this generation and young geneation rightnow is pobit, probably the most adentided. So yes, thethe Ar, is thisattitudeem of adding those things very fast and to switch and not necessarilythe same loyalty that we had by the bast, but with all the business choolsOle wide? And we now we have a lot of very, very good quality Peopleso, ourreponsibilities O to Gouse al those people better. An Italian fro tetaryimpressed now with whis very young people on what they can do, wher theycan produce and if you toss them and if you build the team in a merital at eachway of working its pricess absolutely and we need to adapt. You know this isthe. I think the people hat will suffer and the people that will complain aboutthis. Other people, a anatre to adapt and ELEP thing is important, buttalents, Arky and retaining talencs is critical, funny business. So anotherstatement that caught my attention in Indie Aticle is when you mentioned thatnegative wolked, pianses, often resurt, on a complex structure of management,where there is more Arky, which often facilitates a judgmental imposing styleof leadership that can also lead to pessimism and fear in the team. So howdo you see this model changing into a more flexible, open, shroue style ofleadership? And why is this change so needed in a first GRANE company yeah?So on that specfically? So s? I said I workd in very fist pace with a lot ofpaysure onyourmentor make Arion. I don't have any any problem, with witpressure, but some fast groum when you are in Fast Grein company. Obviouslyyou have most of the time you have pressure Atbein, so I learned a lotclose to greathedels, but what I learn quite quickly, working with them, it'simportant to remain yourself and to net imitate somebody and those liater sosly, as so, we can be extremel o charismeteach, where everything isleaded by them, unique in o sense, and you have a lot of very good examples ofthe respon guys magic leader, Wer Extemi, with bus. A stive job is oneexampe, that's what you have, and especially in software companiance ofquere sells. You have some people that are below and set Ur provety and theycan have the tendennsy of imitating Tema because of the CARISMA and thecarrier track that those didons have, but they don't have the same experience.They don't have the senterent and the podemit leads sometimes to con toconfusing situation and posibly inappropriate compotment because thethey think as they need to controle everything and if they will be tough.This will be positive and people will follow and do what they ask, but comingback to new genenation, as I said previously with they they by intochallenge they by into how you respect them and how you will make them go inthat caree. So this is somethingg, they are swhitch geneation. They can todays,it's not complex toe the dobiness ofyour company. As soon as you have apopular Tigli gover, so he's a number of staftups that are poking up and thenumber of company in the market, but the Portaman, if theyare, not workingwith the right manager, is tyl not working with the right company, if theydon't play on enough as Oy will switch, so what we mean with opene and Pontosmanagements. It's not everything needs to come from this top leader and notonly one desen in the company sisttencs...

...to come from decount talents in theKiman and he film titles, and you don't have to be shy or you don't have to tobe a restraint of adding people that will shaleso made his bes partisisminstead of Tacti dictating an everything yourself and for EAMPO. Itried to gid a lot of responsibilities to fastling managers in my teammen andEF. Well, take you lead on te specific student subjects like Bi clangenenation or two weeks ago, and you know today's would comp of of cleaningof managers that I leaded, but I did that with a far flame manager and youwas, it was teaching Youem. He was oun manager in the team. So what we mean byopen souse management is really so that insidelay were try to take denifis fromthem and not try t to contol a besin everything yourself. Of course, natmakes perfect sense. That makes perfect sense so th. My next question is reallywrong, but we also something that you mention your tradiction. Is Yourjourney within Snowflake, so we've been speaking about about the culture of the company, we'vebeen speaking about titoliaky that open souse liader ship type of management.Obviously, as you mentioned, you started at Snowlake as on pray number.One now you've got around two hundred people walking with you in Europe. Sowhat ILEC Tonoso is from your own experience? How do you could you couldjust tell us? How you've been adapting your management style, you know, didyou feel that going from fifty twenty on plays was a big difference, but isthere any specific step of the journey in which you found it more difficult toadapt as the different stages of Grosov ofsnowflex in Europe yeah, so creat Himin, creating o e froma Fom Scotch for UScompany is like sometimes creating your own company fell, cause the US insomhosy schools. They wake up at it's like three, thirty pm for you or or PMA. So it's quite difficult,because I means that you need to adapt yourself and sometimes whet the Oumean.It means that quite quickly, you need o autonomy on decisions that you that youneed to take, but you already mentioned that many podcast that I hear alreadyand were Nia is not only one country like the US. It's Munpeople contrismenkeepl language, but Youpul Future, and you need to need to teach the US alsoon that. So at the beginning- and I will say like fodcustomers when youstart so first you you need to want t to do that. So I was young enough tosay: okay, I'm okay, to be to start to geting com, cuch being a Sall again tosell the first project myself. And after that I will attract the talents.I was ing the Oneat when I fouhteen people before drinking and and Istarted, but I was ready to do it and what you need to do at the beginning,in time of pogation and at the beinning we need to find re, Fik takeoffs, sonot only forcustomers but also commudiates, and when we launchedpeople thought that I was sitting Ho ice creame. So it's a true story. Sopeople regard when Youare when Youre, because you are living in London, IING,N and London, you have like slow like Ice Crim shop, so people were thinkingthat I was like unforsat, the musiclike, the track. ISSOIT was MDAT and also nowobviousls an att and he andthe succesies a ELP tratractor, an talentsmore inddy. But at the beginning an the pointing we have it's exactally. Whenyou have a first manage management Holl. You need to be careful to not do thingstoo fast. So now we are working on opiasion raising things everywhere andwe are quiteing advence compared to everything I saw before in interm ofcompany. But at the beginning you need to be a sweithnife and you need to dosells, and I remember I had some picture of whene. I was buying thefirst tunatrn in the IKA and that te Ta that they neednin e into your face. Soobviously you aditions into the team...

...pracing on opsion atization. We arethat aeven company all th decisions that we are taking at the beginning. Itwas expension. Now we are focusing on the main market, Werwe openal and weneed to apationalize every every function of the organation. Yourquestion of is the difference tem of size. I would say there is a bitdiffeonce when you are Thele to like fifty people, yeah and and after thatand and O. I don't see between one Aeda to let people in Hecessarya beendifference, but the outost is the rel is like a family, so you work Oldaz andyou have the ducation and, and everybody is, is like she backright,Eser and Cantnojese at the beginning. musics comen important, but you need todo everything and you need o need to affet Cvdt at the beginning when youstart, but when you, when you gow after Wen this is the time wher, you start tosay no to certain things, and this is something that that is able Bingin, butthe most important thing. What eall your size is to remain approachable,whatever you do and othe an open do policy, so everybody needs to bee afreeto talk problems, not the idea of sapin things. Wealthy need help andshes a kind of mainset that we tri to Lav within the gym. Okay and O, youthink there is people at are Bettr at one stage of growth tes, an nos also,for example. You may say I consider that guy is the sort of get will take acompany from zero. Two hundred million yeas is popiity. You know us do youbelieve in that? Or do you think that people can also adapt, as well as themanagement to grow, wish in a company yeah? It's you know, it's a very goodquestion why I think we are to be Discuptiv, because, because of thatalso, I will say yes, yes, and so what I mean is, or example, Co that we havewas the first mal on the drama and is now leading all the sales orgination warwaiter, butyet yeh the an e Potensho. So you go, I groom with the company and I think, I'schanging a little bit. I don't like necessariyag Asiton Comor, so forme OmDC when they invest in your companions. Okay, you have this gap now you need tochange your team, but they realize that we were overter forming and itwas ableto adapt and te Abe the right gay et. So obviously I trid to do the same, butalso the teams that I have now people get setten ten go with with the companyso to it's, not necessary Wyi possentthe reality that we need tochange. The only thing that I will say is when I startede I needed somespecific cososeason with specific market Bak grammar that that we needless now and the CO qualities of stalls are more important. Now that the marketsad the market, competon season and Hes, but at the beginning you ned nolag andyou need to shot ep Pisi team. So this is this is a Jolisnlon. I think okaymake sense or thanks for that andless thes. That's my last question to you.What will be the one advice that you would give to leaders that are managingthat team in a fast graing environment? If you hare to sume up what all thethings we discuse, what you believe is the most important, so the first one nwill be to remain yourself and work on you strengths. So too many times we tryto do to do what what some somebody else is doing at the beginning, don'tput too many processes tright away. You need to lead by example. You need toshot t everybody that if you do it, a e will will respect you ante, especiallynew Gen Geneis. They need to understand that you need you fight for them andyou win healths and mind before going straight to Penationi to ga show, andyou need to be a problem sower for them. So this is would say, Olong and well atfocus on your triends, be yourself and be a polem. So there only lid the lidbase on e okay, but that makes fore sense. I I think, hat as tre veryimportant piece of advice, so I'm hundred person beange on that one.Thanks for your inside Tobo, a...

...reappreciate you to the time andistodays the last day of the CA til so appreciate we can do the call today. Itprobably means that you guys have had a very good quarter if you, if Youar meetime to speak to you today, so forabe congratulation for that, but hi tage ofthe podcast. We always as the same question. So we have some atholgansthat, like to take conversation of flying with some of the people weinvite, but we also, we may have some people that may be interested to knowmore about snowflake the company as reproten. So what is the best way toget in touch with yout Boyif, anyone of or from orgens wanted to connect, Toso?The best is is to you is to use a linkinum. I think I stil have likeForwad invitation spending, but if you have the right message and the right Iwill always accept and by the way you were- or you know yourself, pastWeyoben off when you contecting me and Isein Tlim to backyo immediately. Soit's if you write me on Yiu Kin, Willie be the best way to to get in contact asditel that I had a French name yeah that idn't Cath Thist Wasoe, the cotent ofOpltics onety. It's Qetis great to thank you ver much for that many thingsagain. It was great wivh younder show today. Thank you. UPERADICS has redefined the meaning ofrevenue generation for technology companies worldwide, while thetraditional concepts of building and managing insize sales teams in househas existed for many years. Companies are struggling with the lack of focus,agility and scale required in today's fast and complex world of enterprisetechnology sales. Seeo operatics can help your company accelerate pipelineat operatics. Dot Net you've been listening to be to be revenueacceleration to ensure that you never miss an episode subscribe to the showin your favorite podcast player. Thank you. So much for listening until nexttime.

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