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Episode · 2 years ago

62: How Sales & Marketing Teams Can Use Persona-Based Marketing w/ Sri Sundaralingam


Often, messaging is focused on a product and its features — but it shouldn’t be. Messaging should be focused on a persona, and how that product (or service) impacts them at their level of an organization.


It’s all part of a strategy Sri Sundaralingam calls “persona-based marketing,” which Sri unpacks in this episode.


Sri is a CMO Advisor & Consultant for cybersecurity startups, with previous head of marketing positions at Symantec, Shape Security, and others.


What we talked about:

  • What is persona-based marketing?
  • How persona-based marketing enhances the effectiveness of ABM
  • Example of persona-based marketing without ABM
  • Example of persona-based marketing with ABM
  • Why the sales team has the answers on who your personas are
  • Driving persona-based marketing alignment with the sales team


This is an interview with Sri Sundaralingam, CMO Advisor & Consultant for cybersecurity startups.


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You're listening to be to be revenue,acceleration, podcast, dedicated helping software executives stay on thecutting edge of sales and marketing in their industry. Let's get into the show hi welcome to be to be a rovenieacceleration. My name is Olian with ship and I'm yer today with Shree SunDarellinggam Cmo advisor and Concertan for technogy companies in the SanFrancisco Baarea three. How are you today doing great earlyin and thank youfor having me on your podcast? That's Thato, pleasure, SOT, you've been aleading, quit o shoot product and marketing function, walking from smallto beed and large size be to be companies oer the last fifteen yearsand today the topic that we want to discuss with you is a wrong personalbase marketing, but before we go into he details wetver a little bit of atradition at the beginning of every single podcast, where we ask our guestto introduce himself or ourself as well as tell us little bit more about whatthey're currently doing at the moment yeah. So, as you mentioned, a ledproduct and marketing functions at large and lot of competes and startupsin the past fifteen years, and this is focusing on areas like productmarketing, poduct management, technical marketing, demand generation, to nameFEU, the areas- and you know really focusing mainly on BTB businesses, sowoorking for Winder companies selling to large medium small sizeorganizations and just as an examples. Some of the companies that work for AurSamantic Corporation recently shave security, late state start up today,syster systems to name with few- and you know mainly, I e focused onindustries in the syosecurity information security area, Dayta, notworking as full as enterprise offwer market. So that's kind of been myoverall area. EXBERTIES, that's wonderful! Yeah, we've been doing somewalk with some of the company you...

...mentions are good. UNDERSTONING OF OFWWHAT you've been doing SOSO re. I know you are be ad vocate of person at basemarketing, and it would be great if you could briefely introduce the concept ofPersonar Base Marketing Tuology and send share with us how I can help onthe certain marketing froncs. Basically, Ye absolutely really passionate aboutthis area. Ealy in and Personna really means now. You byer right such afoundational element for saleston marketing, and sometimes he tend toforget that so now, your voare and what I mean by that is when you're areaylogged into a lot enterpricer organization or medium or smallsize ororganizations. You know you need to understand the different biers rightfor your particular product area that you're wanting to sell and and knowingthe viromeans knowing their payinpoint. You know knowing what a criricalpriorities, projects that they're driving and how to speak their language,and it is such a foundational element in terms of how you need to build yourmarketing, messaging and positioning, how you need to enable your sales teamto be able to talk to different types of viers within the organization, beable to empathize with them and know which pain points they're going throughand to be able to tell the right user stories- and you know really develoopcredibility, because that early commit part of the sale cycle is aboutrelating to the Bir. You know knowing what they're going through and thenbeing able to come up with the valley proposition that would drive the youknow the sales transaction through yeah. That makes perfect sense and how muchof the sells team do you o you involve in the finding at the outset. So let'ssay you, you start on your Ole your brand new in in let's say, StorageCompany you've never done stourage before, of course, you've got an ideaof who is wo and who you should sell to.

But how much involvement from the sellteam you need? Would you require in order to define a person, a base,marketing approach? I would say quite a bit because the sales managers andsales engineers who are prospecting into the account theyare able to youknow get to the different types of personas within those accounts, and youknow be able to if they've been up that Ou ow at the job for a while right beable to have those conversations, so yeah they'r, really a good startingpoint right to talk to the sales team to understand. Who are you talkingwithin the different coms right? Who has the budget wis his WHO's? Heevaluator and you know, whowill make the final desition and provide therecommendation. So starting with the sales team is a great fus. You knowpase, I beyond you know the sale team. There are other ways to do ya: MarketResearch as well. You know analyst report a alteys, very helpful when Ilook at their different analyst foms that focus on you know differentindustry segments, so these are like Yeu typical industry, analas like Dono,forester, IDC and so on. They would publish reports on different marketsegments, so I would, I would typicall use them to to understand the buyersand then there's additional. You know research. You can do as a market teerto collect all the DITA points. You need to kind of get to a place whereyou start to formulate a strategy based on you know who are the the main: Thebuyers who the budget holder who's the evaluator who a Keisi a that makesperfect sense and then to engage your self Tam. So I'm asking you you a lotof question around around the Sais people, because I think sometimes wewalk with great mat. Yes and people have got to fantasticanes, butunfortunately- and I will go on to a count- base marketing acomba sitting ina minute but itimately your personat base marketing will be as successful asa sell team using it in the right way...

...and geting the result. So you said someKPIS. What tactics do you use to actually get yourselves GAI to use allthise Fersuhat youhave done to not just carry on doing what they've been doing,but as them some theatis very difficult forcers people which is basicallychanging and going to splick the more people in the same account. So how doyou get them to shakeands with you and be involved in in supporting you trhatapproach right? So one of the area, sales team always struggles with thisand, as you mentioned, the marketeers, you can come up with bace strategies,but when you roll it out, you know the same messaging doesn't work atdifferent lavels right yeah. I know we Hav not about acoys marketing shotallyAlityou. Take a lot INTEPRISR organization, if you're talking to todeciber security, information security markets right if you're talking to aengineer or manager versus you know, you're talking to a director of VP orCISO, who may be the ultimate budget holder, you have to use a differentlanguage right again, going back to ten points. You know what is we lovin totem in terms of they date today, business that you'll bringng to thetable? So you know a lot of sales team. I've seen oer an Alraan they'vestruggled with that is because of market t years. If they haven'tformulated the right strategy, a given them the right messaging points andassets to be able to carry out that conversation and Devilop Tealationtip,it becomes very difficult for sales team and they toerally go out anddevelop some of that on their own. So when you formulate the strategy, Ithink what I would advise is sitting down with your sales team, explainingof how you're going to go but developing the messaging at thosedifferent levels and showing them what's the output you're going toproduce will get byand en ou. For you- and they will see- I mean if this is asales te listing in play. They've win engag with customers. They will seetheir value, but even withallos the Tener experience Hales. We will knowthat they have to use different language. Different discussion pointsat different levels and you know should...

...be. You know straightforward for Yo toget that bying, but you point it early and get that by him. Tow them whatyou're going to produce, how you're going to enable them, and then you go,do it, you will get. You know strong handshake and you know sort of thecollaboration going on and then you do have to you know, adjust a strategy asyou go forward, but yeah definitely that early engagement and agreement isvery critical. When you produced Israticly to be successful and you knowto be able to influent, did it make it work. Of course, th t that makes sense.As coming back Thoh to the point I was making about, the account basemarketing account base selling, so it hat everybodyis desociating the conceptof Acoun base, everything which is which is putting your prospect in thecenter of your marketing answers approach, which is Nogic, but you know,lots of people are dessociating it, and I do think that actually from fromfromwhat for discussing today, personer base marketing is actually superimportant part of the concept you know, if you don't stap, be understanding thepeople and the function and the challenges in that function. Ow cameoutcome. Your very proposition can support them in being a betterprofessional than the rest of Tyour combase marketing, the rest of Thecombesitting may may not make sense. So could you elaborate on on thatconnection between ABM, a D AND PERSONA DAS? Marketing is? Is that really adifference? Yes and you could do persona base marketing without havingto do account based market right? So let's say for the SAKEF discussion here:You've decided your go to market strategy is you're going to you know,go after a lot enterprise organizations, regardless of different industries,you're going to target any organization larger than thousand employees right,and you can employ pesonon base marketeague with that and and besuccessful to Briting on the product that you're taking the market. Anotherscenario could be: You could get even mose targeted with that going to Acconbase marketing, where you could say it would ten lodg in theprice N, you knowAcount, I'm going to focus on this cop...

FY larticles right this to firindustries, financial services, rigt health care, onanumat least five you'regoing to go really lock inta the next level after that is the accom basedmarketing that you're mentioning, which is really say, look out of all of thetlort enterprise accounts. There are these five sand accounts that we needto sell and it you could have filtered that based on industries right based onGeograchicta region and so forth, thereyou're really getting targetedright, so the persomma base marketing can be employed regardless of the usinga conbase marketing or not. But when you do use the acconobae marketing,especially when you go UF to the laten enterprise organization, it could be alot more impact and powerful than you also in an adding Porsoma basemarketing, because eope Alin allow you enterprese organization, as we talkedabout earlier you're going to have different levels of irs or influencersyou're, going to be working with from your for the manager, evaluator levelto somebody whohave, mid management, steal level holding the budget. So whenyou apply the Pisolan base marketing, you could produce a lot more hignpact,rizuls, borcom marketing, accombas marketing, in tactic that you'reemploying yeah. Now I agree with you: I agree with you and Cominto Thos Sing,fruends and evaluate all- and I think you mentioned the people got the budgetand all that, so we big Benevers, maybe we to Traditionaalan and Toour Col- betware big believers in the fact that to be successful in a serce process, it'svery important to Hav a connection with the authority, so the sceneover contactthat that CIO as o CTO and in the line of business, CMOS, Cro, cocfs, etct,Etca and, of course, the Larg Organization, the more difficult it isto markit to these people. To sell these people to have to have some timein front of this peop. And I also know...

...that in some in some vealty course,particularly if yo look at. If you look at infrastructure security, when youlook at the CTO, the CIS, SOS dose to Tigtors, everybody wants to speak tothem. So I believe that those Gayes are probably getting approach a lot andprobably in that responding toaurs of prospect. But coming to my question andin your opinion, how much a fortuge you put into targeting infuenceo andKevaluvatos in that personal based marketing approach, yeah great questionearly in and look the reality is when you're at sea level right, whetheryou're, Ceso or CTO. You have very ligmited comen right and you're, notgoing to be the person who's going to be doing the initial research andevaluation of your different initiatives that you have rolled out.So it's very important not to overly pivit marketing. You know to the thesea level by no, I'm not saying you don't market in the SEAMEA. ByeAbsolutely do employe the right tactics right when you're using a con basemarketing and you target the sea level. Buyer. What's really important, also isto understand you know or different initiatives within the organizationwho's going to be the folks doing the research right, the initial researchand right who are going to be the doing the evalulation, and you need to targetthose people, those those personas right and l Gai, going back to my Sefeof security. You know infomation security areas. It could be an engineerdoing the initial research right, a security engineer or security architect,and you know the person who's going to Sthot list the winders to U K, ow bringthem in for proof. A concept could be somebody at manager level. Not Not. Youknow Directo BPRC levels for that matter, so it's very important to beable to develop the right material right andyou tate them, especially when you're developing the marketing funal rightengage those fo to be able to...

...get invited to the party right. Butwhen you're in these LARGEL toprisal organizational even midsizeorganization, you do need to influence. You know who're actually going to beholding the budget. When you get to that stage, you want to be, you know,successful and converting the opportunities so right. So I think again you employ theright tactics. You know, sea level, folks, don't read email very much. Theyjust ging to forward it. Sometimes they may o may not take a phone call. Theymay be Ho Lenk to that ten, not working events with other Slo folks. So it'slike how do you employ the right tactic? Yes, you should partet them, but reallyknow you know who in the organizations are going to. You know, perform theevaluations and the recommendation so that you know you have a balanceapproach: Shop Yeah! It's that TA ONE TRICK PUT H! That makes perfect andappreciate that. So we come into te en of of our conversation today. So thereally appreciate your time and all the insid that you shout with us, that'sgreat for Augience. If anyone wants to get in touch with you, three and Hes, acarrying on the conversation or or simply potentially discuss yourservices and what you could offer to that company. What is the best way toget in touch with you yeah. Definitely thank people ar fering tha. The bestpay that faces me through Lington and just findme a linkedon. Send me amessage: Connect with me and IAM happy to engage answer questions as well asSecars particular opportunities to work with different companies. I would beexcited to do that as well. Okay, that's wonderful! Well, once again,thank you vory much fora time. It was absolutely a pleasure to Hae youndershow todays three. We thank you arely in really appreciate it and enjoyingthe discussion with you. operatics has redefined the meaning ofrevenue generation for technology companies worldwide, while thetraditional concepts of building and managing insize sales teams in househas existed for many years. Companies are struggling with the lack of focus,agility and scale required in today's...

...fast and complex world of enterprisetechnology sales. CEO operatics can help your company accelerate pipelineat operatics. Dot Net you've been listening to be to be revenueacceleration to ensure that you never miss an episode subscribe to the showin your favorite podcast player. Thank you so much for listening until nexttime.

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