B2B Revenue Acceleration
B2B Revenue Acceleration

Episode · 1 year ago

65: 3 Mistakes Companies Make With Their Content Strategy w/ Colin Campbell


Common thought: “B2B companies need a content strategy.”

Common mistake: Starting your content strategy by asking, “How can I get more leads?” or, “How can I look like a thought leader?”

Do you notice what’s missing? The user.

On this episode, Director of Marketing at Sales Hacker, Colin Campbell, delivers his thoughts on executing an effective content strategy.

What we talked about:

  • Forgetting to start with the user
  • Caring about how your audience feels
  • Your industry may help determine what medium to use
  • Finding the content gaps within your competitors
  • Asking “which piece of content drive traffic?”
  • A better litmus test for content marketers: “Are we growing?”
  • Testing

This is an interview with Colin Campbell from Sales Hacker.

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