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B2B Revenue Acceleration

Episode · 1 year ago

66: How a Challenger Sales Strategy Impacts Organizations w/ Bill Bice


Bill started his first company when he was 18. Since then, he’s founded and/or advised 27 different companies.

He doesn’t need a marketer to paint lipstick on his product — his experience speaks for itself. And, he’s taken that experience into action as the CEO of boomtime, a company that specializes in word-of-mouth marketing. But Bill Bice has a message for B2B sales teams: Be consultants. Use the challenger sales methodology.

And he came on this episode to tell us how to do it.

What we talked about:

  • The best sales reps are already making their own sales material
  • Who can become a challenger sales rep?
  • The 5 archetypes of sales reps:
    • The hard worker
    • The lone wolf 
    • The relationship builder
    • The challenger
    • The problem-solver
  • Position you company as an organization of consultants
  • The challenger sale is basically word-of-mouth at scale
  • The challenger sale is a long term commitment for an organization
  • Don’t use copywriters

Checkout these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

This is an interview with Bill Bice from boomtime.

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