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68: The Power of Mindset: How Leaders Can Manage Sales Team Stress w/ Ollie Sharpe


According to recent research, sales is the largest business sector to experience high levels of work-related stress. This can come from working long hours, pressure to perform at critical moments, dealing with setbacks (or no’s), or from taking risks

We invited Ollie Sharpe on this episode to discuss stress management in the sales team environment. He gave us his best practices from his years of senior sales management at LinkedIn, SalesLoft, and CD Recruitment.

Ollie is currently the VP of Revenue for EMEA at SalesLoft. He recently took on this new role after 10 years at LinkedIn.

What we talked about:

  • When it comes to stress, prevention is the best medicine
  • Be human 
  • Be approachable 
  • Lead by example 
  • Understand your sales team, but don’t be a counselor
    • An example of hitting this ‘understanding’ balance
  • A quick note on diversity and stress
  • Setting expectations early on avoids stress
  • Create happiness on your sales team to drive peak performance
  • Are you doing the things that make you happy?
  • Are you spending time with people you like to spend time with?
  • Are you switching your brain off regularly?

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For me, it's about how you set up theteam in the culture in the beginning is Yat. Once there are issues not sayingit's too late, you can still learn it because I still sort things out, but asleaders, I think our job is to make sure that we understand ourselves andwe understand what happens with mental stress mental well being issues and howwe can actually stop them from happening. In the beginning, you're listening to be to B RevenueAcceleration, a podcast dedicated helping software executives stay on thecutting edge of sails and marketing in their industry. Let's get into the show, hi welcome to be to be REVENEUacceleration. My name is Olyam T and I'm here today with Oly Shap ViporFrovenue EMEA At sells loft. How are you doing Toa en I'm very well? Thankyou very much. Thank you AFECT. So today we will be talking about managingstress in the sales world, but before we get into the detail, can you pleaseintroduce yourself for the and the company to represent EIG sens Lovcourse so, mynage only sharp, I'm VPF revenue at sells loft recently spentten years at Linkin and then joined, sells loft as the MVP in April to setup the business across a Mer sells oft or orselves engagement company withselfs enageent platform. Basically, that helps organizations become more.Our sells teams become more efficient in their outound activities and the Rcommunication with clients, whether it's for Sdrs through to CSN. It workson top of Youcrm to line up the step to the workflow to help the salesperson,with with what they're doing, but also insures that your sells forcis alwaysup to date, wecrm, which is one of the biggest efarers of any sales leader, aswe all know, tell me about it, but it also helps with coaching anddevelopment of the team as well, because Hi's got conversation,intelligence, Fron there and listening into calls, etc. So it fits quite abroad range of categories, but with the market leader Ang what we do and it's awe as great product- it's surely a...

...great too. We have many o focus tomoseusing ses left. We end up increading that you know in Ou, tecoency stackonand definitely a tours that Ol team loves because he's removing the burdenof dead, Min Yeah, which athe sells construent level, is fantastic and, asyou said, reporting at the Bac an is fantastic sotomating. All that is greatand so edont Ye to speak about selv love despite the Firtis O greatsolution. Fo Us go back to the topic and, according to recent research, weontos at says is the largest business sector to experience alevel of workrelated strets, which can come from working on the world, the stress ofselling the pressure, the dealing with with setbacks and also taking a lot offrisk in the SEBs process and well. I believe that in one end, having acertain level of stress can get you going and make you happy and as far asits control make you a successful selcs person. Obviously, UNELEVATID stresslevel can quickly become dosnal, birden and and Particularle subminage fomonits thats. That's my statement now coming to the question so someone thatDas mage many successful sell steam. How do you think sels leader shoulddeal with team that are sometimes tressed and on te performing, but alsowhen thes on the poforming themselves? As a sells leader? I think it's toughone because Asseles leader, that Istrest is probably not going to act inthe right way. For me, it's about how you set up the team and the culture inthe beginning is Yat. Once there are issues not saying it's too late, youcan still learn it because I still sort of things out, but as leaders, I thinkour job is to make sure that we understand ourselves and we understandwhat happens with mental stress mental weallbeing issues and how we canactually stop them from happening in the beginning, and I've worked for manya leader over my time that I can see the more pressure that is put on from aleader on to a team. It's that adds to mental stress with ANA team. So I thinkyou're, right with I mean quarters an...

...levels rise when we get stressed, butthere's healthy level of that for once it goes over a certain amount. Thenthat's when it goes back, that's when we get run down, we've become tired illand it can get worse from ther Shasho. I think that leaders need to be awareof themselves and thee certain things that we can understand from differentbooks and different learnings that help us understand and manage our own stresslevels. So I think we leaders should be doing that and there should be aware ofthe science within their team shop. Theres. It comes down to the culturethat they build, so I believe that a leader should build my philosophy on it is I want to do bevery human, except that I made mistakes, accept that I might not be in a goodmood: axcent Yo, Yous, Topi, eeayeah and be approachable. That's really keything that I think that someone feels they can't can't approach their leaderabout, even if it's to say, I've got some persona issues yea and need sometime aff or this is why I'm stressed and also lead by example. I think it'sa case of this times that I may be run down a and I still think oi can stillmake it to work. I shouldn't, I should think. No, if I wouldn't want my teamdoing that, and I think the open and approachable bit open and honest andapproachable. It is a big thing that if I'm open about my feelings, Ond mystress levels- and one thing we do is in my team meeting- we have a checkingyeah and we all say how we're feeling and if there's anything, what we'relooking forward to, or we sometimes go through what rating ourselves onspiritual, mental, emotional, physical pasty of how how we doing with those wespending enough time with our loved ones. So I think it's just being openand honest yourself and really making sure that you'R, your team can be openand honest with you and I making them understand. You understand that youunderstand thsure other things more important, workh and coming to thatpoint, so how ow close eed to be to the...

...ters nal life, because, as youmentioned, sometimes you could have a wolk related stress. Sometimes youcould have an outside of bok rakes fress. We had he WERNINGZON PULLA and Iwon't go into he details because its pel norbut, I had one o Wene on pray,telling me about the issue that he was facing at home and obviously you wantto be supportive, but at the same time as the manager is tartally your role toget into the details, how important you think it is to be close to the resourcefrom on a pertonaltanpoint. I think you're right in the way that it's isthere a level of a you can get too close to yeah and you're right you're,not a counselor to them. Well, I think the key word for me is understanding.So if I know that someone is having issues at home or thee, something thatis impact in that formance, I would rather know that I can be understandinga trunks. So if it is a case, I need people to go to an event over in Frenceor something- and I know someone's got issusing this putting more pressure onthem. I Willi tell them. I understand that thet may not be their priority ath moment. I think, having an open door that people can talk to you, what don'tget stuck in the B, the way of being that person, that is, their counselottheres, a fix, whyis the limited whatai Itssometimeto good to stupade. You know-and people may just say: Well, look I'm so s supported by the person. So sinceSime supportit- maybe I can be- you know doing a little bit more. You knowthe advantage of it. If syou will so howl, you make sure we don't Fullinthat category it's hard to do. I think that it is the case of being openenough to say I don't think I'm the right person to help you with this.Maybe you should be looking at professional support yea. Maybe youshould be looking to speak to a friend. I think, because I am your manager, I'mhere, to support you, but I don't think it's right for me to be that E, thatyou come that you con coo with it, but at the same time I think you need tomake sure that they can come and cay to you rather than not feel like Anser,yet you're right, a toug thing, O right...

...butas between ftonor sense. Yes exactlyso how can you develop a successful company culture? Team members wouldfeel valued and teliveor resurt. As consequence of that commitment andWeabyi, I think one thing is key to me that I learn early days and it's sortof aalli to this is the diversity side, and this is just about gender diversity,its about diverstive, thout, diversity of personality, everything, because Ithink that once you build a nondiverse workforce as you grow you're going tomake it more diverse and then it's hard for people to fit in so the earlier.You can build the diverse work force, the better and just making sure thatthey feel at home there. I think that there's key things that people tend towant to fit in, I'm very the way that I manage, I believe, is slightlydifferent in certain ways of wall. That's what I've been told by thepeople that work for me, I'm very much okay. I will set the boundaries, theaccountability and the what I expect of them my expectations right at theSTARTI and it's case of right. If you're doing these and you'resuccessful, we will have a great relationship. I won't. I want you tohave good work, BOT balance, if you're, not in it, if you're leaving it forI'll. Just trust you that it's because you're going to go, do something thatis for yourself and I'm Col with that, but the one minute that you're notfollowing our cor values in your behavior or not doing hiating. Theseexpectations then well draw back to those and work out what's going wrong,but if you're doing those poset expectations and making themaccountable early, then you concentrate on the culture wo. As on trait on therehaving fun people want to my Jeff Wena, Co of linked in always talked aboutthat's what compassinate leadership, which I think is very strong yeah. Exactly one thing that always stickswith me. He always says that happiness is looking forward to going to work andlooking forward to going home, and I have that- and I hope my team have that,because, if you're not on a Sunday, you...

...know excatewer, you o Anday, sometimesI remember being some jobs on a Sundayand. That's the worst thing, ifyou, if they, if they can't see a difference in their level of excitementor level of happiness between work and home, you'R, really replace SOM searching. Iknow you may be a very, very difficult question, but how do you define onMersur way being feeling? I guess I mean you: Can Do Ebss eemploy voicesurveys once twice a year and see how happy they are people I honestin there.Hopefully they're onest. It is a Youcannonaly tell by people the waythat they act in an office environment. U You got to know them, so people arquiet er, some people are noisier, so it is hard to measure. I mean there's abook and the reason why a'm very bothered about the wellbeing and theirhappiness is there's a book called the happene o Fantis posin Acre and people believe that successfful peopleare happy. Yeah research has being done. It's the othe way real that happypeople are successful. So the more I can make my team and here in what theydo. I look at the best from them and I think that people don't realize that,and I think it's an important lesin sole about that's kind of driving me tomy next question, which is o Kan. The right mindset actually drive tiperformance yeah, it's I think it. It is mindset and it is looking afteryourself. So mindset is your right. Weshoul is might set everyone alwaysthinks of carrold, like mindsets thinking about the growth mindset whichI agree with, and I think it's having their positive mentality within theOffice Space Tso mindset does matter, and hopefully, in the interview process,you'r finding people with the right mindset. Yeah and you hopefully, weunderstand what wer asking to get the right mindset. One thing I also look atwhen I, when I'm talking about PPERFORMANCE, there is Schwartzon law,wrote a book and they did a lots of researching to sport and there's everpe performance pyramid, and it's I...

...talkd to my guys about this. Every Q,for because is when it's riht that people aren't looking after themselvesand what it does you start on one level: it's like Maslos, hi, Pirocch of needs,physical capacity. We need to be looking after our bodies, so we need tobe getting ar heartray o once in a while eating the right things drinkingthe right things gaiting enough sleep, then it's more emotional emotionalcapacity is more about. Are we doing the things that make us happy and wespending the time with with people we like Yean time were, then it becomesthe mental side? Are we tae? Are we switching our brain off? Are weconstantly thinking your a we fitching, our brain off and it's like a musclethat we need to make sure we're resting it exercising it once we have those inplace. The top level of what they talk about is spiritual, which is having apurpose having a goal and when you think about it, and you look at that inmore detail q for most of this guys out of the window, we're getting good onmuch on ego wee having a glass of wine straight away. We got home efraineabout yet exactly so. It'sthe mindset is big, but also how we look after ourbodies, and our minds is also good for me, but that does impet your mindsetmassively pesially after yourholeself, so you mentioned you mentioned Aktinityand getting jeout fo going and stuff like that. So weve really big on that.We recently started like a month ago, an oporatics running, clum wherewe, getpeople inso to night I'll be running with some of the Tam in the dark in theCOURD, probably in the Weit as well, and we realize that we is been sosuccessful. Yeah people woul never just kind of got lifted by the rist of thecolleagues Wen, but people would wait in twenty minutes. FFEK we've gotsomeothet will do it in forty minutes, but everybody waits for each other andthere 's a big celebration, an then a things Yos ar want so, and we really. Iwas really surprised as the impact that her an now much people wanted it. Youknow it was just Furfun at the beginning and it just it just get it just gotreally interesting. I know we've got too many people running mosetitinterest, but I guess my point is: What...

...can we learn from the word of spotsbecause there is tremendous amount of mental pressureing spot yeah? Weactually not training use the example of docks ar like mymadenny going ontothe rain, and we use at anelogy for Tinling our reps that they should getprepared prior to a meeting, because if you prepare yourself you're going ta goon the train. Thinking that you Gana trase, Lik Te Infront of you, you knowTas Hi's got a strong left hook. You know hat you've got to cover yourself.You know whand you're gonna have to eat, you know if you need to be patient onhot patient, EXCETR, etc. So the preparation is Kean. The proporationgives you confidence, yeah e Cheting, your goal, but so so we can of get itbut alect Os. On from your perspective, Ol, that's an eergy between spobbusiness and mindsets yeah. I think that there's a lot of research, evenTheg Schwartzan log performance pyramid, came from the studio. Sport Law waslooking at this Lelor and was looking at tennis players how they recoverbetween games, but there's when it comes to mental toughness. There's abook called the game plan by Dctor teepall who yet peoples worked with theBritish cricket team, the Olympic Team, etc and Hewas it it. What happened washe was researching it in sport? He advices people in Sport, sosycologisthe's brought it into the professional world and he breaks it down into fourpiereas of mental toughness, which areas that are in sport. Ut are so rifein business and especial sales and the four areas of turnaround ovness. Thisis when your when something bad happens. When you lose a deal, you miss yourtarget, anything like that and it's he puts things in place models in place tohelp these people that have had that happen. So, for example, we turn aroundTurkess it's about how you get your mind thinking positively again, so itbuilds a twelve peaks mountain pizza on a piece of paper or a white board, andthey feel impositive things that they've achieved in their lives so far,toget them thinking positively again,...

...but then you think about how you canlearn from what's happenng next one is critical moment of us, so this is about.How do you go into the big ward presentation and how do you go and do abig speaking engagement and each of these toughness types enjurrance andris management as well? He puts models in place to help us cope with it, andthat's really interesting for me becaust to think that we have thesestresses every day, every C for, but we don't recognize why we're feeling likethat and how to overcome them. So that is something we can definitely learnfrom sport. But then you can look at things like marginal games that isn'tjust around the mental side of it, but marginal games, which was a Braf railsfor the decycling coach yeah about just improving everything by one percent andespecially if someone is quite activity driven in a sales function, then, ifthey can just if they can cut down their time between each call by onepercent, if they can be a bit better on each cale by one percent, it makes abing difference so thes El of a lot sport and sales. I think Tho hugely aligned and also you have lotsof ex sport people in sales, wbet, Idon't, Ispor prefesials, but wospeople itselves you've been referring a few books. Othey were one of us, Istecountrmember, the execator, but one of the thing we learned a lot Australi anthe recruitment processes. ISTANT book from the teaps put Guy, I think, he'sto take a company from one to hundred million sales, accelerationsexxeleration, MOA, yeah Verwe, a team we're going to get and one of thethingthat they say about recruiting people. The first characteristic is tothind people, someone with cotchable yeah, and I remember a speech from oneof the English wed becoach you'r saying exactly some thing say: I don't wantthe stronger gay in my team. It's not about O big. You are to really what Iwant is. Do you have a sponot? You have a stone between your hair. If you' gota sponge, you are cochiable, you can bin Mytim, because it's about tactic,yes, powerful things like that physicality. We can develop that we cantrain that. But you know we can make an...

...athlete stronger. We can' make someonewith nut, really smart, an doesn't want to listen or to stob. All O things gota better way, better, yeah, no matter how good they are because he's a spotTam and I think that' thatthat's a beauty for Enelergy, and we use that toa lot. So we know recreitment process. We actually do rorl play to see. Oupeople are cochablrand. I then Cati Bo on they just don't make it. I hundredten agree. I've read that book and it helps me growing my team because I wokeGod totend very quickly and the biggest thing one of these things I learnedfrom it. Wasso I'm very much around culture. My I chose a job on culture. Ichoose my people on culture. If someone can eat two hundred percent, isn't theculture that they're not coming up toto a bi, but what it helped me do is howdo you strip back your needs of recruitment into four or five mainareas? That, and it is a dial talks about intelligence, work? Ethic?Curiosity! So that's what we've got so we'v Got Coacho Bal, so goon one forstis smart, so thi mart in the sense of straight smouth. You know social smalt. The third one is a Wongcrazity, which is very critical for us because o Sul at Coos, you don't doyour research, the third one is woitink and that's, when is pest, explainsNoand, quite frankly, best explerience wor cals. We had some guys her we'vebeen tolke of FORML. They were laying Fak grasp before draining us, butSOMOSO wour, just carpet fitter. One of the game is successfully now jemmanteams, starting with US maybe two months ago, was a bricklayer rer. TheyOSL started so and probably would hav o to the formula in the business ever isa game used to play football for TPR nfortunately did both of his nace andno is all the PCS nd and also the cost on the on the show. So I think it'syeah when you come from past experience could have the sense, but I agree withyou: Sometimes people retend to recruit clote olhe's, been working with acompettor tot trey, with my tos e Cosi fucking, exactly and as long as theycan. As long as they've got some experience Ar Yov got the ability, forexample, to sell to sales profession, DIFFERENC, Seles, sointo finance, itjues mean they can't Dt to Soltifyn.

ESS Is the ability to do that, but oneof the questions I always ask a interview stage is: What's the lastthing you did to develop yourself and I don't want to hear my company Pol bethrough this or anything. If you read a book evident yeah, and even if its Iwanted to be a marathan runner or something best development ofthemselves, yeah shown they could do something get off the Buk to do it andcommit to it. So that's one of the keep things I look for in the interviewstate or thank Youy Vor much for insites. It was really good. It wasgood to Spictito Sins Wer Jory witwit oothe fun, so I as much mordryin person.If anyone would like to carry on the conversation with you pick your braidor even speak about sells love, which is a fantastic to an out that couldthat could make sense in thei business. What's the best way to get into twithYouni thinkten, okay, yeah find me onything tin, make sure there isanother Olli shop, but this holy shop that salls loft and just connect withme and happy to help with anything or talk about pronict whatever it is.Thank you wer. It was great to have Yom Foto them. Thank you very much. Thankyou. oper adics has redefined the meaning of revenue generation fortechnology companies worldwide, while the traditional concepts of buildingand managing insize sales teams in house has existed for many years.Companies are struggling with the lack of focus, agility and scale required intoday's fast and complex world of enterprise technology sales. Seeowoperatics can help your company accelerate pipeline at Operatics, dotnet you've been listening to B, to b revenue acceleration to ensure that younever miss an episode subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player.Thank you so much for listening until next time.

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