B2B Revenue Acceleration
B2B Revenue Acceleration

Episode · 1 year ago

82. The Best Strategies for B2B Revenue Acceleration


It’s the 2nd anniversary of the B2B Revenue Acceleration podcast!

Our anniversary episode is dedicated to you — our clients, partners, and friends — who bring so much value to the work we do.

We are privileged today to hear from 5 outstanding guests,  Didi Dayton, Partner at Wing Venture Capital, Nathan Burke, CMO at Axonius,Bob Kruse, CRO at Obsidian Security, Timm Hoyt, Global VP, Partner Sales & Alliances at Druva, and Patrick Conte, VP of Business Development at Fortanix, about their best strategies for B2B revenue acceleration.


What we talked about:

- The best sales, marketing, & channel tactics for the global pandemic

- What is & isn’t essential right now

- Focusing on quality rather than quantity

- Positioning yourself for B2B revenue acceleration in uncertain times


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